Mike Russo – ‘there’s no tax decrease, I can prove a 4% increase!’ politrickin

Councilman Mike Russo demonstrates why grandstanding is more fun than math.  In yesterday’s City Council meeting, he claims a five percent decrease in taxes is actually a four percent increase.  While the fabrication is being thrown out like so much hot air, Councilman Russo gets into a lather sufficiently to coin a new term: Politrickin.

(There’s some political whoring going on here alright.)

Councilman Mike Lenz breaks down the attack and tosses the lie aside like so much garbage.

Earlier Councilman Russo had requested applause for his candidate for the fourth ward Tim Occhipinti.  Nothing says what the future of the City Council government will be more than this clip.

A Russo led City Council with a fifth vote under his wing will produce more results like this except far worse.

Things are springing up to MSV from around town – Mike Russo is quite excited with the prospect he will be leading the City Council if Tim Occhipinti gets elected.  He’s been very animated about it and this is but a mere taste of what Hoboken has in store if things go this way November 2nd on the special election.

Talking Ed Note: This clip, part of a new Politrickin series is dedicated to the Wiley Coyote, who has provided much inspiration with his fight and fortitude to make Hoboken honest.
Happy Birthday!

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