Ruben Ramos prepares to join the party in the Hoboken fourth ward council race

And they’re off!

Former Assemblyman and Hoboken City Councilman Ruben Ramos is about to join the party for the fourth ward council seat.

The long anticipated entry reported by PolitkerNJ late Friday would make the fourth ward council seat a full on battleground reminiscent of its legendary 2007 race.

In 2007, three fourth ward elections were required in a legendary battle between then upstart and unknown Dawn Zimmer and hometown favorite Chris Campos.

Ramos’ anticipated entry into the fourth ward council race puts him on a collision course with challenger Dana Wefer and current occupant Timmy Occhipinti.

Ramos served previously as at-large City Councilman elected under the banner of former mayor David Roberts back in June 2005.

He went on to become NJ Assemblyman under the tutelage of Union City Mayor and State Senator Brian Stack for one two year term and was the top challenger to Mayor Zimmer’s re-election in his bid for mayor in 2013.

Let the games begin!

Ruben Ramos (r ) at his 2013 mayoral kickoff party in April 2013. He’s close to making official what
every Hoboken politco’s expected and join Dana Wefer and Timmy Occhipinti in a battle for the fourth ward
council seat up for election this November.  He may have company on a coalition ticket with the extremely
controversial outgoing Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia, aka “The Wire” and “Ethic Cleanser” who is expected to take on Councilwoman Jen Giattino in the sixth ward.

Talking Ed Note: Ruben Ramos most recently the loyal opposition leader running for mayor in 2013 will look for a repeat of his support in the fourth ward come November.

With a hometown advantage, there’s only one person who can possibly take him on in the fourth ward and overcome the odds. It won’t be Tim Occhipinti who saw the support of the Hoboken Syndicate vanish to Ramos months before he made his soft launch for re-election at Northern Soul.

Only one Hobokenite could possibly beat the odds: Dana Wefer.

In the face of a similar uphill climb to see the Hoboken Housing Authority Board of Commissioners regain its oversight powers, she first illuminated millions of dollars in illicit spending at the agency. The unauthorized spending by then Executive Director Carmelo Garcia was further compounded when several of the vendors paid turned out to give monies to his election committee.

That followed with the termination of Carmelo Garcia’s contract last August before a mob of (paid?) protestors where this editor staved off assault but not robbery of gear partly seen in this now infamous video called The Fracas. (The stolen items were never returned.)

As Dana Wefer is continuing efforts to clean up that agency; several subpoenas were issued by the Feds in the HHA over recent months but the investigation’s destination is yet unclear.

Wefer will see the full backing of the Reform Movement in Hoboken and Mayor Zimmer. Her kickoff saw two prominent reform minded council members in attendance: former City Council President and Councilwoman Jen Giattino and Councilman Jim Doyle.

Dana Wefer who announced her
candidacy for fourth ward Hoboken
City Council appears to have spurred
on Ruben Ramos who is expected to join
the fray soon.

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