Ruben Ramos discovery: Operation Bid Rig’s Jack Shaw on his Assembly payroll; and like Garcia, suing City of Hoboken


4th Ward Council Candidate Ruben Ramos’s Assembly aide records show political fixer Jack Shaw on his payroll when Fed’s Operation Bid Rig struck for political corruption in 2009

Ramos also believed suing the City of Hoboken as Russo faction running mate Carmelo Garcia

Official state documents detailing the Assembly aide payroll of former Assemblyman Ruben Ramos reveals a notorious Hudson County figure on his payroll at the time of the statewide arrests in the FBI’s 2009’s sting for political corruption.

Jack Shaw, a well-known long time political fixer was arrested in Operation Bid Rig for his role in facilitating extortion through FBI informant Solomon Dwek. According to NJ State records, Jack Shaw was paid $13,020 in 2008 and $7,327.91 in 2009 by Ramos who is currently a candidate for Hoboken’s fourth ward City Council.

Shaw snared in a statewide federal political corruption sweep in July 2009 reportedly flipped to the Feds but died not long after his arrest in what was later deemed a likely suicide.

Shaw isn’t alone among those some believe flipped during and after the Feds’ 2009 Operation Bid Rig investigation. One long time council member in Hoboken has also seen smoke circling around him.

In 2011, Ramos running mate Council Michael Russo responded to a report on MSV he met with  FBI informant Solomon Dwek saying he turned his unsavory offer down.  Russo then told another publication anyone saying he agreed to a bribe were liars.

The denial led MSV to seek comment from the authors of The Jersey Sting who wrote a comprehensive inside look at Operation Bid Rig and the dozens snared in a statewide sting. They stood by their story Russo had not declined bribes from Dwek.  Their stand followed with FBI surveillance video made public and published on various NJ media outlets shortly after showing Russo agreeing to a series of bribes in 2009.

In the video, Russo directs another Jersey City fixer Maher Khalil to accept the first bribe payment of $5,000 and launder it via a campaign account he called “Russo for Hoboken.” After agreeing to the first payment in advance of the 2009 Hoboken mayoral election, Solomon Dwek tells Russo a few months later “they’ll be more,” suggesting another later bribe.

The only person to walk away from the criminal luncheon unscathed by the Feds: Michael Russo.

Russo is currently a City Council running mate with Ruben Ramos, Eduardo Gonzalez, Peter Biancamano, Terry Castellano, and senior official of the ticket Carmelo Garcia and seen in FBI surveillance video below in-between bites at the White Horse Tavern in Jersey City.

On the video, Russo’s heard bragging he picked all three council running mates of then mayoral candidate Beth Mason and after the Hoboken elections he’ll be running the City.


Michael Russo explains his plan for a six voter “super majority” on the Hoboken City Council
“I’m going to have total control of the City.”

Last month, the Carmelo ticket factional leader Michael Russo called for a sweep of the City Council ward elections saying it was time to “Change it back to the Hoboken we all know” and its former “glory.”

MSV exclusively reported Councilman Michael Russo cut a deal at a popular Weehawken Steak House to have his opponent Frank “Pupie” Raia withdraw from the third ward council race.

Also shown on the Ruben Ramos Assembly payroll is Perry Belfiore who was ejected after last week’s City Council meeting by his long time nemesis Council President Ravi Bhalla. In 2008, the first year Ramos was an Assemblyman, state records show he paid Perry Belfiore $1,500.

Requests for clarification on both Jack Shaw’s work for then Assemblyman Ramos and details of his ongoing lawsuit against the Hoboken were emailed simultaenously to Paul Swibinski of Vision Media and Ramos over the weekend but did not yield any response before publication. If that changes, this story will be updated.

The Russo faction Carmelo Ticket: (l) Eduardo Gonzalez, lame duck Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia, Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano, Council members Terry Castellano, Michael Russo and Ruben Ramos. Not pictured but seen below: Peter Biancamano, aka Monarch Man.

In an OPRA request to the City of Hoboken, MSV’s request for legal documents pertaining to Ruben Ramos’ lawsuit thought connected to an underground oil tank leak from the Boys & Girls Club after Hurricane Sandy was rejected.

Without denying Ramos is suing the City of Hoboken, the Legal Department stated they required a docket number and without it were unable to provide assistance.

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