Councilman Cunningham spearheads resolution to push Hudson County to cap taxes, reduce spending

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Cunningham Spearheads County Tax Cap Resolution

Our Councilman Peter Cunningham was one of the leaders of the successful effort to persuade the City Council to call on the Hudson County Freeholder Board to voluntarily comply with the same annual 2% cap on property tax increases that applies to cities and towns.
The amendments (Introduced by Councilwoman Jen Giattino) was championed by Cunningham who called specifically on Freeholder Anthony Romano to promptly introduce the measure for voluntary compliance with the 2% tax cap and for the County Freeholders to adopt it. Romano is Hoboken’s representative on the Freeholder Board.
The amendments, also called on the Governor and State Legislature to extend the 2% tax cap to all 21 county governments in the same form it now applies to all New Jersey municipalities.
Peter Cunningham said, “We are calling on Hudson County government to tighten its belt as we’ve done here in Hoboken. In a more than $500 million county budget there is plenty of room to find cost-efficiencies and to root out waste”
Since 2010, Hoboken’s municipal tax levy has actually declined by 6%, while the County of Hudson’s tax levy has risen by 20%, an average of over 4% per year.

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