Room 84 fundraiser event raises over $5,000 for Hoboken 1st and Jackson fire victims

The fundraiser at Room 84 Friday night for the fire victims at 1st and Jackson proved a rousing success raising over $5,000.  All told the effort has raised about $6,000,  a fine effort considering the event was sandwiched between Christmas and New Year’s.

The fundraiser held for the four Hoboken women was a big success last night seen here with Room 84 club owner Joe Branco (c), Rory Chadwick (l) and HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

Rory Chadwick, the local business owner who spearheaded the effort said, “It was a real ‘feel good’ night.  We were able to give the women all the money last night too and they each have another $1000 coming from an anonymous donor whose check is coming.”

Chadwick emphasized the community spirit adding, “Hoboken is indeed a magical place filled with so many great souls.  It’s the little things like this where we all come together to help others in need that make the mile square city such an awesome place.”

The four women arrived at the event with about 100 people in attendance and were extremely gracious expressing their strong appreciation for the community support.  Hoboken Housing Authority Director Carmelo Garcia has been working on finding local places for the women and announced the search for new residences was successful so they will be staying in Hoboken.

A MSV reader submitted this photo of the devastating fire at 1st and Jackson Street.  The community continues to pull together to aid the four Hoboken women who lost everything in the fire.

Talking Ed Note: Not only have people and local businesses come together to reach out and help but local media came together and pitched in as well.  Alan Skontra of Hoboken Patch was a volunteer along with reporter Stephanie Musat and Hobokenite radio producer Lauren Raye who works for the Elvis Duran show on Z100.

MSV is looking to do more to aid these women and kick off 2012 and will work with local business owner Rory Chadwick who spearheaded the effort on behalf of the four Hoboken residents.

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