Horse Sense: From the Mayan angle, 2012 is transformation and Hoboken’s looms large

Hoboken has a future and its one of major transformation.  That’s not hocus pocus and it ain’t magic but with two major law enforcement agencies outside Hudson County vying for a piece of the corruption pie in Hoboken, it’s time for a true transformation to take hold and reshape the status quo, courtesy of the Feds in Newark and the NJ Attorney General’s Office.

For the politically cynical, this is both whimsical and naive.  Let us be the first to admit MSV lacks that limiting gene with its sources and analysis of the existing standard bearers of law governing Hoboken and the State of New Jersey.  With men and women dying in the field to defend our Republic since 9-11, it’s the undermining of our democratic institutions at home we find most disturbing, whether it’s on the local, state or national level.  As we’ve applied an extraordinary effort to the most immediate venue, we struck pay dirt in a highly fertile target rich environment.

The moral degeneracy reached a peak last year with the self-proclaimed council minority coming within an eyelash of bankrupting Hoboken and seeing over a thousand jobs squandered to sabotage the sale and close the Hoboken University Medical Center – all with an eye to advance its own power and destroy their main obstacle to taxpayer cash, Mayor Zimmer.  Up until a showdown at a Sunday night special City Council meeting, MORTe (beth Mason, tim Occhipinti, michael Russo and Terry Castellano) voted down every measure on behalf of saving the hospital brought before it in 2011.  In the end all they needed to do was stand down and get out of the way and allow the continuance of a parking agreement approved take effect with one of their votes and they even refused to do that.  No other local media would write this story, and we’re including the Star Ledger that focused on its displeasure with hospital privatization while ignoring the City of Hoboken’s economic viability which was clearly the larger stakes weighing in the balance.

What does this say about all the corruption in our midst?

The Boys of Summer have been on an extended season of spring training in Hoboken.  Their
work should enter the public square shortly with the Feds taking a big swing.

Some people will find it difficult to fathom or stomach such crass cynicism and MSV would be there with you but we witnessed it first hand and heard it right from the head of Hoboken’s number one crime family’s mouth outside City Council chambers as dozens of people awaited the end of a hours long closed session on saving the critical life of the hospital.

So Hoboken has witnessed a disgraceful governmental cycle this past year courtesy of MORTe even with the law’s investigative firepower bearing down with one side looking to establish accountability in both operations and consideration for the taxpayer and the other rooted in glorification of Tammany Hall style politics mixed with a good amount of on the waterfront corruption benefitting a privileged few along with their chosen business associates and developers.  The pendulum has swung to one side but it’s hardly definitive or permanent.  What should a good umpire do if a borderline pitch crosses near the corner of the plate?

Hoboken stood in a state of suspended animation awaiting movement on the carting away of the city’s servers and boxes of information when the FBI made a show of force late May.  Things appeared quiet until exactly one day after the November election when a surrender of the former City Hall IT Manager led to Patrick Ricciardi’s appearance in a Newark Federal courtroom.  The criminal complaint prepared by the US Attorney’s Office revealed an extensive conspiracy at City Hall – the wholesale ransacking of all communications coming and going from the mayor’s office going back to early 2010 with Ricciardi confessing to setting up the systematic looting. The beneficiaries are a long list however and their bill is due.

Everything is set for Hoboken to see an overdue cleansing courtesy of the Feds.  The next pitch even if it is borderline on the corner of the plate shouldn’t reach the catcher.  It’s time to put the runners re: singers in motion and swing away.

Let the chips fall where they may, just don’t leave too many runners stranded on base this time.  In Hoboken, there’s nothing like the present and the bigger fish are on the hook now.  Reel them in.

Patrick Ricciardi floating in the Dead Sea during a HPU junket to Israel.
He’s sunk and the Old Guard is along for the ride as soon as the Feds take a hefty swing.

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Justice in 2012 is coming for the Old Guard and their friends such as ‘gagbag’ Scott Delea.  Batter up!

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