Robocall slash and burn on hospital traced to phony NJ number

A reader sent in the information on the robocall making the rounds last night.  The numbers appeared as 201 895-2954.  It’s a spoofed number, when called is out of service.

The call charges the hospital will be turned into a 22 floor story condo.  How will that go over at the ribbon cutting at the hospital celebrating its preservation as an acute medical facility when the sale to Holdco is shortly completed?

There’s a question on the Freeholder Race next month between Anthony “Stick” Romano and Kurt “Giant” Gardiner in the robocall too.

Why Beth?

Councilwoman Beth Mason sits atop the suspects list as no one else throws money down the drain like this but she’s unlikely to return constituent calls inquiring on the matter.  Of all her telephone polls, this one may be the most meaningless in impact as it’s hardly going to be lost on anyone the hospital is staying open.

The Old Guard was selling the lie “they are just going to turn it into condos anyway,” leading into the September 21st City Council meeting when the mayor appeared to plea for a $5.5 million bond to aid in the hospital’s sale and preservation.  Michele “five bucks-a-tow” Russo was telling exactly that to Church Towers residents who worked at the hospital before the critical council meeting as reported earlier by MSV.

Council members Beth Mason, Terry Castellano, Michael Russo and Tim Occhipinti couldn’t shoot the introduction of the bond ordinance fast enough before blaming the mayor for the hospital’s situation that was days away from closure.  As most people know, the Governor interceded with the money the next day leading to the successful completion of the sale after negotiations with the nurse’s union JNESO led to a settlement of bankruptcy creditors.

In addition to the $52 million bond guarantee, the related costs to Hoboken taxpayers in seeing the hospital closed would have added untold millions to the total.  The mayor warned that such an event would have forced across the board municipal layoffs.

Talking Ed Note:  Okay you gave it a good try Beth, you tried to shut down the hospital with your friend Mike Russo, you failed.  Isn’t it time to get over yourself?

Related: Grafix Avenger has been receiving similar reader feedback and wonders what ends are served in such a desperate action and remarks on whispers the Beth and Ricky Mason feel like… victims and they are disliked due to their financial means.

Wheely?  You wheely believe that’s the reason?

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