Foes against saving hospital lash out with robocall

Readers are noting once again a nefarious effort to dirty up Hoboken’s victory in saving the hospital.  We’ve received word of this by email and commenter khoboken posted:

Speaking of cockroaches that love corruption soup, did anyone else get the weird phone pre recorded call tonight from this guy with a very creepy voice spewing lies about Mayor Zimmer selling the hospital to an out of state develoepr that is going to put up a high rise in the middle of town (but he did acknowledge the payment of the 52M in bond debt)? Press 1 if you agree with the sale, press 2 if you dont agree with the sale. More Mason Money thrown down the drain. 

At least get a guy that doesnt sound like a child molester to make the tape. 

Another email report says this is showing as coming from a 201 number. Make a tape.

Next stop, the Hoboken City Council meeting next Wednesday.  Since the Old Guard couldn’t undo the hospital sale thanks to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stepping in, what destruction will they plot to hurt Hoboken with next?

Tune in next Wednesday as MSV will carry the meeting live so you can be witness to the Old Guard sabotage courtesy of the Beth Russo hydra.

Does the sabotage against Hoboken ever end with these people?  Ever?

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