Robert DiVincent named Interim Executive Director for HHA

At the Hoboken Housing Authority meeting Tuesday night on lower Jackson Street, a surprise guest made a visit during public portion. The proceedings were spontaneously disrupted as residents cheered his arrival.

The person entering the meeting room was Bob DiVincent. He was approved as interim director in an HHA agency agreement and board vote to act as the Hoboken Housing Authority Executive Director. DiVincent served in the capacity prior to 2009 after the HHA found itself in a corruption scandal under former ED Troy Washington. DiVincent is currently the Executive Director of the West New York Housing Authority.

Residents in attendance clearly recall DiVincent’s turnaround efforts and greeted him warmly. In this video, courtesy of John Heinis at the Hudson County View, DiVincent joins the HHA board and discusses his plans to get to the bottom of the existing problems and move the agency forward.

Also in the video is HHA resident and Carmelo Garcia backer Barbara Reyes. The three time failed HHA commissioner candidate complained about the added cost to the HHA since Carmelo Garcia’s contract termination held a clause paying him for 120 days.

Talking Ed Note: Reyes is correct there is additional cost due to the clause in Carmelo Garcia’s contract. In retrospect, the termination would have been better if not an additional penny been paid to Carmelo Garcia. The HHA board of commissioners could not fully know however the dire condition of the agency. A full assessment is underway involving both agency staff and Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

Based on what is coming to light in the HHA, Carmelo Garcia should return money to the agency.
In this instance, MSV finds itself in total agreement with Ms. Reyes as Garcia remains an excessive burden and cost to the agency.

Hoboken residents can however be grateful for Mr. DiVincent stepping up to the plate and West New York who came to an agreement to provide support to the HHA. The cost of Mr. DiVincent and Richard Fox who will return to a consultant management role is less than the cost of Carmelo Garcia’s compensation package. West New York’s additional support to the HHA is an added bonus.

The original story at the Hudson County View:

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