Carmelo Garcia blames HHA Chair Dana Wefer for damning HUD report

Anatomy of a political rant with former HHA ED Carmelo Garcia 

The Hudson County View published its public portion video of Carmelo Garcia bitterly complaining about his termination Tuesday night at the Hoboken Housing Authority meeting along with some choice personal attacks.

Claiming his financial actions as Executive Director “transparent,” Garcia starts with a rant but it addresses nothing of substance on two recent reports from the auditor and HUD showing a long list of serious problems in the HHA.

It’s difficult to keep count exactly how many times Mister Carmelo calls the HHA Chair a liar. The repetition gets a little boring after a non-sequitur attack on HHA commissioner Dave Mello.

Of some interest however, Carmelo Garcia who saw his contractual services terminated in the Hoboken Housing Authority earlier this month is clearly angry about the audit findings published (here) in July. When he held sway with “sole appointing authority” for vendors, he didn’t complain.

So who is he blaming for the audit findings from a firm he selected?

Garcia sounds livid a HUD report review of a sampled eight HHA contracts saw the light of day and the federal agency’s public document has reached the public. That report was published in its entirety on MSV, “HUD Newark obliterates the reign of Carmelo Garcia.”

Mister Carmelo is clearly angry the taxpayers have seen that report. He blames HHA Chair Dana Wefer for the public document finding its way… to the public. Garcia says the report is not available other than via an OPRA request and is sorely displeased the public saw it sooner. (OPRA request typically take a week or less.)

On an important material note, there’s strong concern about HUD declaring another Garcia action illegal. While not totally clear in the video, it sounded like Carmelo Garcia, in one of his final acts granted a more than 100% increase for Applied Housing Section 8 housing and/or its voucher program.

When this surfaces, there’s a reference by Chair Wefer the action was declared illegal by HUD. This immediately leads to Carmelo Garcia and at least one Carmelito crying in no small irony for the documentation.

One can expect that documentation is certainly not the end of reporting Hoboken will see by HUD on the HHA. Will that too be greeted with more crying and gnashing of teeth?

For now, we hear more of Carmelo Garcia threatening a third lawsuit. His first “ethnic cleansing” lawsuit was thrown out of Court on the first pass early this year.  His second almost saw the exact result as the first and most went into the trash heap. A third looks like it’s legal charity work for an outcome more certain than not.

Talking Ed Note: Once again, Hoboken has a first row seat to valor in action. HHA Chair Dana Wefer suffers the fools gladly as she and the retooled agency go about the important business of repairing the damage to the agency and its residents.  At least two residents may be facing eviction due to some failed actions earlier. Sadly, they are used like so much political propaganda which goes absolutely nowhere.

Hoboken can expect to hear more on this as the story isn’t over.

The original story is available at the Hudson County View:

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