Republicans of Hoboken Sweep Local Committee Elections

From the desk of Scott Siegel, Republicans of Hoboken:

On Monday night the Republicans of Hoboken (ROH) led by Diana Davis easily defeated The “Unbossed” slate led by former Mayoral candidate Nathan Brinkman. The ROH increased their previous total of 33 candidates to 51, while the Unbossed slid from 11 to 8. The ROH won all but one head to head matchup, with Nathan (Ward 4, District 1) being the sole exception.

Incumbent former BOE hopefuls Perry Lin, and Liz Markevitch (Unbossed) failed to earn a new term. Former BOE candidate John Forsman was defeated once again. BOE member Maureen Sullivan was successful.

For the ROH in addition to Diana, former City Council candidate Chris Carbine and incumbent Vice Presidents Dolores England and Scott Siegel maintained their seats. Anne Sauer was named secretary and Adam Condo treasurer. Former 4th Ward candidate James Sanford was also successful.

The 5th and 6th Wards were particularly successful for ROH. In the 5th 11 out of 14 seats were filled, while in the 6, 13 0f 14 were filled.

Earlier boasting by Brink man’s side proved to be unfounded as the final results showed. They fielded 18 candidates with considerable help from Democrat Frank “Pupie” Raia.

There were several “mistakes” made by the Hoboken City clerk’s office. Former NJ judge Al Siss was placed in 2-2, despite the fact that he is registered in 2-3. Both the Hoboken and the Hudson County Clerk’s office signed off on his win. Similarly Ward 2, District 5 candidate Brian Buzzelli was left off the ballot despite submitting a valid petition. Even more disturbing is the fact he requested a VBM (never submitted) so he and another similar Republican submitted provisional ballots that somehow never made it to City Hall. That’s Hudson County for you!

This is the most seats filled by local Republicans in many years, showing that the party is slowly gaining traction.

Frank “Pupie” Raia (c) at the City Council meeting to oppose the bond saving HUMC last fall.

Talking Ed Note: One person familiar with the efforts by the Hoboken Republicans for Unbossed Leadership denied there was any assistance whatsoever in filing their candidates on the ballot by Frank “Pupie” Raia.

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