More IRS problems uncovered with Beth Mason's "Civic" League

Mason Civic League problems extend beyond political entanglements with no IRS annual filings in almost two years

The Mason Civic League, Inc., the shadowy non-profit where political operatives profit every which way isn’t only playing fast and loose with its tax exempt status, it also is playing fast and loose fulfilling annual filing requirements.

According to IRS rules, 501(c)(3) organizations are required to file every year in most instances.  In almost two years, the Mason Civic League, Inc. has filed nothing!

Back in July of 2010, the Mason Civic League, Inc.’s Certificate of Incorporation shows a troika filing; with signatory Councilwoman Beth Mason, her husband Ricky Mason and the Weehawken political operative James Barracato, aka FinBoy© listed on the initial board.

In almost two years no income or expense income has been filed leading to questions on the “employees” of the organization and their income status.  Were they given W-2 employment statements or 1099 independent contract statements? More importantly, how much expense income has been routed through the entity to the untold number of people revealed to date?

According to the IRS regulations, a request for these required financial filings can be made in person at the main office of the Mason Civic League Inc, and for those purposes it’s officially registered at:

Elizabeth Mason
921 Hudson Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

In person requests at the above address are expected to be fulfilled generally the same day and written requests within 30 days.

IRS rules also state the Mason Civic League, Inc jeopardizes its tax exemption “if it ceases to be operated exclusively for exempt purposes.”  Based on the number of political operatives already identified “working” for the group, an examination of the Mason Civic League’s status is unlikely to pass legal muster.

Beth Mason, Hoboken’s “Queen of Dirty Politics” has seen several setbacks to her objective of inflicting maximum damage on others who stand up to her ambitions for power.  Her recent string of failures mirrors earlier efforts to sabotage the sale of HUMC, see the hospital closed and the City of Hoboken bankrupted.  The authorities may be closing in. 

MSV would attempt to obtain comment from Beth Mason but as many know she’s in hiding from media after the Union City Municipal Court judge verbally tore her employees to shreds.  It’s likely to stay that way right up to the next City Council meeting.

As an aside, where does Beth Mason’s dirty tricks political operative James Barracato list as his address?  It’s 10 Stuyvesant Avenue, Lynhurst, NJ.

That’s not the address of the Weehawken based fish.  That’s the former now defunct address of yet another political operative firm on the Beth Mason payroll: the Cratos Group.  MSV profiled the organization and its founder, Adam Alonso for what looked like a case of clearcut money laundering into the Tim Occhipinti campaign:

The whole Mason family charity under Beth and Ricky Mason appears to be a front for avoiding truthful ELEC campaign filing regulations and laundering payments to an unknown number of their paid political operatives.

Among those identified what have James Barracato, Ryan Yacco, Matt Calicchio, Tania Garcia been paid to date and what services have been performed?  What of the unknown others?

The NJ Attorney General holds jurisdiction over the Mason entity problems.  In addition to the NJ FBI and Federal Attorneys Office in Newark, the IRS, the partners of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz plus the NY Bar Association’s ethics group all need to see the details about the Mason Civic League, Inc. stories here and on Grafix Avenger.

Readers should lend them a hand seeing they receive all this information. 

Mason Civic League, Inc.

MSV understands that the partners of Wachtell, Lipton need to be informed so they are not complicit in the possible misuse by Beth and Ricky Mason’s 501(c)(3) “charity” – the Beth Mason Civic League, Inc.

Talking Ed Note: The well to do partners of Wachtell, Lipton certainly won’t be happy to hear about any of this.  They’re likely to ask Ricky Mason why a colleague pulling down millions would be pulling stunts like this for a relatively inconsequential sum?

Then again, why did Martha Stewart participate in illegal insider trading of stocks?
In this case, filing penalties range up to $50,000 in fines but don’t include jail time.
It’s unclear for the moment what, if any other penalties exist for outright “charity” fraud.

Okay how many political operatives and IRS problems are we up to in Mason’s Civic League?

Related: MSV is being continually dogged by Grafix Avenger’s sleuth One-Eye this week.  We’re doing our best to fight him off. Who wants to lose a story to a guy with one eye?

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