Republicans of Hoboken fete local politicos, author Christopher Whalen

The Republicans of Hoboken hosted author Christopher Whalen with a sold out wall to wall crowd of 100 in attendance last Tuesday night.

Almost every City Hall official and likely council club runner was in attendance and the mayor arrived late for dessert and the speaker as well kicking off the official city wide ward council races throughout Hoboken May 10th.
The Republicans of Hoboken speaker series was a hot event and not a seat was available as they had to turn away some late door arrivals but Da Horsey was invited to stand near the kitchen as honorary mascot.  
Here’s our pictorial essay on the big shindig:
Christopher Whalen author of “Inflated: How Money and Debt built the American Dream,” didn’t have good news although he threw some red meat for a more conservative Hoboken audience saying more bad news is coming with inflation and a weak economy sure to follow the build up of bad American fiscal policy.   2nd Ward candidate Tom Greaney looked sharp and confident with a prime seat (center) for Whalen’s remarks.
Mismatched: James Sanford, Young Republicans Hudson County Chair (center) bemused at his table sitting next to anti-Administration leader and head of the local Chamber of Commerce Mike Novak with 4th ward Council seat holder Tim Occhipinti.  Across from James is politico Perry Belfiore who is collecting petitions for another 5th ward council run against incumbent Peter Cunningham
5th ward Councilman Peter Cunningham listening to the speaker looked confident in his 5th ward home base

6th ward Councilman Nino Giacchi has a friendly discussion with 2nd ward resident Scott Siegel who has been sharply critical of the Mason-Russo ‘majority’ on fiscal and free speech issues.
4th ward council candidate Rami Pinchevsky (left) listens intently to Christopher Whalen’s bad economic news.  Far right former Republican Congressional candidate Henrietta Dwyer took in the bad news with somewhat less surprise.  In blue center is Forde Prigot, a local Republican who is a staunch advocate of Mayor Zimmer and her responsible fiscal policy.
3rd ward council candidate Greg Lincoln (rear right) during the dinner.  While his opponent Councilman Mike Russo was not in attendance, seated to his right was BoE commissioner Leon Gold.
6th ward council candidate Jen Giattino attended and has been out and about of late at city events showing she’s making a serious bid against long time incumbent Nino Giacchi.
5th ward resident Scott Delea allowed MSV permission for this isolated photo.
Although he’s not declared for the 5th ward council seat his name surfaced that day in a costly Bet Mazin poll.
Scott is the founder of “Party with a Purpose” and has not declared his intentions to run again for council.
5th ward candidate in waiting Perry Belfiore enjoyed the dinner.  To his right Tim Occhipinti looks for guidance on which fork to use.  There was no room for any instructional binders at the sell out event.
2nd ward Councilwoman Beth Mason worked a table during the dinner.
She left shortly before the speaker as did other politicos on her side of the fence.
The reform minded candidates scattered across the room including Peter Cunningham all stayed.

Das book – lots were available but only one left without a new home 

Mayor Dawn Zimmer arrived late for the event but found a seat for the heavy fiscal message by Christopher Whalen.  Behind her center is host and organizer for the event Republicans of Hoboken chair Diana Davis.
Congratulations to her and the ROH for a superb event.
Wall to wall: not a seat could be found for the sold out ROH event.  

All pictures taken without the use of flash as not to interfere with the diners.

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