Former Fire Chief Richard Tremitiedi to Council – use the caucus system

Council caucus requested in 2008 and needed now, more than ever
There are too many extra long Hoboken city council meetings, some going seven hours.
This is not good for the public interest since it acts as a filibuster to the public portion of the meeting causing many to leave, those who remain get tired and who really wants to be there, talk or listen at 2 am the next day. At the last session one citizen said shame on the city council and another said that they are alienating the public. I concur with both statements and something has to be changed.
This condition is of long standing.  During the lengthy council meeting of March 19, 2008, councilman Nino Giacci recommended a return to having a caucus to expedite council business.  This has merit since items and issues can be discussed, consensus gained and new items can be pulled if the council needs more study time or requires additional information. My letter to the Editor, Hoboken Reporter, was published March 30, 2008, [Bringing back council caucuses will improve productivity] suggested change. I have also spoken at council meetings in follow up.  Unfortunately, it could not gain a council majority.
 In my opinion, planning and organization will be greatly improved by having a council caucus before the meeting. Accordingly, I am again recommending this with the hope that the city council will now seriously consider implementation for improved time management to better serve the public. The governing body should set the example and act professionally.  Personal politics should be reserved for their individual campaigns
Richard Tremitiedi

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