Remembering the Fallen

Today is Memorial Day, a day to reflect on those who have given their lives to create this unique Republic and those who have laid down their lives since. Looking backwards is incomplete. This nation is at war.

Recently, the United States noted the 1,000 mark of the fallen in Afghanistan. At the moment, the largest and most decisive force is being mobilized to take and hold southeastern Afghanistan. Yet, there are many others in harms way in Iraq and on the tense border of North and South Korea.

Not all of them will return home to their loved ones. Please remember and honor them.
The following link offers many ways to do so. If you can’t help, please remember them and their families in prayer. For some this will be their first Memorial Day with a loved one among those taken and for others, it’s another marker added to their sorrow.

A video tribute of those who serve and those who have made the supreme sacrifice.

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