Con Man welcomed in Hoboken High

Hoboken is again in the local news and as you can probably guess, it’s not good news.  About a week or more back a con man calling himself Dr. Dexter managed to navigate his way into Hoboken High School and obtain administrative approval to “employ” kids to participate in his con game of selling folders to residents on the street.  He pocketed about $180 from the kids’ efforts before failing to show up on a Sunday at the local McDonalds. Parents hearing this information then contacted the police.

Interim Superintendent Peter Carter states the school takes responsibility and will conduct an investigation.  How long does it take to fire an administrator(s) for bringing in a con man to rip off your students and the town by employing them in a con game?

This education came outside the classroom courtesy of at least one administrator and one Dr. Dexter.  Parents are not surprisingly very happy.

The “Dr.” is not in the house and remains on the loose.

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