Reform fail: Freeholder candidate MIA

Hoboken will see important primaries take place next week but among the candidates to choose from, there will be no official or unofficial Reform candidate for county legislator or freeholder.

In November, there’s not likely to be a reform candidate running for freeholder either.

Protest voters will have an option if they decline to re-elect Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano to another three year term.

On the ballot will be bomb thrower and perennial candidate Patty Waiters. Her slickly done website however, went down. So the local imitation of Rev. Al Sharpton plus Rev. Wright meets Mister Carmelo is like Reform, MIA.

Patricia Waiters running for Freeholder
takes on Stick Romano next week.

Related: The Jersey Journal notes the vast majority of primary elections will be uncontested.  Matt Hale, a teacher at Seton Hall is quoted saying, “The party machines in New Jersey are really effective at crushing people who don’t come up through the machine. Hudson County is one of the best.”

Talking Ed Note: Woe is Reform and after seeing much success in Hoboken since 2009, is the party over?

An effort to see a voice situated on the legislative body of Hudson County’s Board of Freeholders is missing and will be for at least another three years.

In the meantime, enjoy the HudCo 6% tax hike tagged on to the 50% hikes already imposed in recent years, now the largest of the three taxes with municipal and schools.

Yay Reform!

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