Grist for the Mill: DeFusco goes Slate Shopping


Citizens love to stroll along Hoboken’s waterfront and enjoy the dining choices at the fine eateries with a view. One such restaurant, Del Frisco’s hosted a lovely meal for two with a surprising gatecrasher. Or is it a wedding crasher?

Councilman Mike DeFusco, the recently announced Hoboken mayoral candidate was enjoying his newly minted status last week with a special guest on Memorial Day. Sources confirm seeing the two well known residents sharing a lovely meal at the popular downtown eatery.

The other party with the first ward councilman and would be mayor was local Hoboken affordable housing activist Cheryl Fallick. The two were seen by residents as they sat perched at a table side window enjoying both a meal and their splendid company.

What could the naked slate-less mayoral candidate possibly have on his mind? Certainly the topic of an at-large council seat would be high on the list of priorities. That is if there isn’t competition stirred by this column for another would be mayoral candidate. Bidders, at your marks!

Council President Jen Giattino
Wedding Crasher?

Independent sources also say the windowed diners were seen by the Hoboken City Council President Jen Giattino who happened to be walking by. Curiosity certainly got the better of her apparently and she couldn’t resist gatecrashing the would be political lovebirds.

Oh what a grand Mile Square town it is. Shuffle up and deal!

Talking Ed Note: Councilman DeFusco certainly could use a few good council at-large candidates. Time to get a move on and nail down those peops. Prices are going up!

A note fired off to the first ward councilman before this grist went up didn’t achieve an answer if the prize sought is a bounty landed! If he does confirm, you’ll be the first to know, after this farm animal of course.

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