Reform crushed in HHA Re-org

Pro-Old Guard Carmelo Garcia surprise vote overturns Reform 4-3

In yet another debacle in a series against the reform movement in the Hoboken Housing Authority, the reorg meeting saw a shocking pick to replace Jake Stuiver as Chairman.

In a 4-3 vote, Judy Burrell flipped to vote with the Old Guard Russo backed commissioner Rob Davis.
The shock vote continues a series of poor outcomes to reform any aspect within the HHA.

Judy Burrell a governor appointment flipped to Carmelo Garica and the
Old Guard voting for pro-Russo commissioner Rob Davis for chair.

ED Carmelo Garcia continues with another in a spate of continuous victories trouncing any new oversight of the HHA. Garcia is expected to retain control over all proceedings with Rob Davis acting as Chair.

Burrell was threatened in a previous HHA meeting last month. Some think the legal costs to her may have played a role in the vote just earlier tonight.  Her vote flipping the majority to Carmelo Garcia and the Old Guard is a radical surprise.

Jake Stuiver walked out of the meeting after the re-org vote according to reliable sources.

Talking Ed Note: The meeting is underway. The question is who got to her?

The HHA is now back under the thumb of Carmelo Garcia.

Questions are being raised about an incident at an earlier meeting.  At the end of an April meeting Burrell was quite upset by a verbal attack made toward her by someone attending.

Lt. Campbell was standing nearby and came over to intercede as a line had clearly been crossed from the usual rabble rousing in the audience.  This was a personal attack apparently made directly on Judy Burrell.

MSV saw no incident but at a previous meeting a secondary unconfirmed report said Burrell was being blocked from leaving her seating area by two men: one reportedly a well known Mason political operative known for his thuggish tendencies toward women and another favorable to the HHA ED.  Burrell made it clear she would not go along with any attempts at intimidation and departed.

MSV can not say more but understands protection requests were made to the HHA ED Carmelo Garcia and not fulfilled.  There is a court case reportedly making accusations against Burrell and it’s unknown if the HHA is providing representation.

No additional details can be stated as MSV was a witness and may need to testify on Burrell’s behalf.  Using the courts as a political tool is very common in Hoboken with Beth Mason political operatives being supported by her in those efforts.

MSV knows it well first hand.  The eighth commandment “thou shall not bear false witness,” does not exist to these people.  In Union City, Judge Macias was stunned by the willingness,eagerness to lie on the stand.

Maybe a little lecture by the rabbi this weekend can spell out underwriting others for their bearing false witnesses is as bad if not worse than doing it yourself.

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