HudCo kicks Hoboken in the teeth with 10% tax hike

Mayor Zimmer along with two local Hudson County town mayors were joined yesterday at City Hall with Freeholder Anthony Romano to protest the archaic tax formula leveling double digit taxes at Hoboken in a proposed Hudson County budget.

Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner and Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonneli were equal opportunity victims to Hudson County’s tax chomping whims seeing proposed increases of 20% and 10% respectively.

In a Jersey Journal story, Mayor Zimmer is quoted saying:

Ten percent is too much for the City of Hoboken. They (Hudson County) need to think more about how they are going to tighten their belts. They really have got to roll up their sleeves and look under every stone and decide where to make the cuts.”

People recognize the City is recovering from Hurricane Sandy and many have not been able to return to their homes.  Those people are not the running Hudson County.

The County is expected to conduct a review of spending seeking reductions.  However, the budget is already announced with the massive tax hikes.

Talking Ed Note: HudCo doesn’t care.  The beast demands to be fed and the beast of corruption, nepotism and one party rule always looks after its own.  It ain’t the taxpayer and the “yuppies” in Hoboken.

The Democratic Primary is June 4th, so put that in your calendar and you can marvel at the fine HudCo lineup who will be leading the one party corruption theocracy into the future.  You could lodge a protest by voting against the machine slate too.

With the FBI investigations around Hudson County, the only hope is they will pull the trigger and cart away enough county employees at least reducing the corruption overhead.

More at the Jersey Journal:

The Reval is up for discussion tonight at Hoboken High School 7:00 pm.  It’s the first in over two decades so the tax leveling in town is heading this way and will go into effect in 2014.

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