The Star Ledger has posted the complete video of Mike Russo with Solomon Dwek. In it, people can determine the nature of the discussion of money and Mike Russo’s agreeable appreciation for getting illicit money from the FBI informant.

There’s not any doubt what is happening here. Mike Russo even comes right out to express his “appreciation,” for the offer of monies before and after the (mayoral) election.  

The Star Ledger writes:
Russo insists that “No bribe was discussed.” Today authors Ted Sherman and Josh Margolin released a copy of the recording showing the full meeting between Dwek and Russo at the Light Horse Tavern in Jersey City that indicates otherwise.

The Jersey Sting authors return to Hudson County with an appearance tomorrow at the Jersey City Greenville Library.

Tuesday at the Greenville branch of the Jersey City public library, 6-8 p.m.

Discussion/Q&A/signing.   Books will be available.
Former Jersey City Mayor Bret Schundler will be moderating the event!

For more info, or

Below are parts I and parts II showing everything that took place from Solomon Dwek’s perspective in his car to the absolute end of the meeting.  Mike Russo’s false statements on what was discussed with Dwek are exposed yet again!!

Talking Ed Note: Did you see Mike Russo tell Solomon Dwek anything, anything about not accepting cash or that he would not accept illicit payments as he’s claimed?

Because I must have missed it!

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