Mason-Russo plan: ‘Make the election about the mayor, not us’

According to the impeccable Grafix Avenger source Deep Uvula, the Mason-Russo team has hatched a election theme re: scheme it feels will carry right into May, local media willing – it’s about the “cover up” of mayoral staff emails not their corruption. 

Here’s a small taste on what has just been posted over in Grafix Avenger.  They think the City Council reform members are very polite and oh so professional to the point of not even pressing the point about Mike Russo’s accepting money from the same FBI informant who nailed ex-mayor Peter Cammarano to the wall.

Deep Uvula says, the hatched plan reads as follows:

The second thing is that you gotta control the message.  You do that by going after the mayor, make the election about her, not the guys that are running. Too bad if she can’t deal with her people in the cross-hairs, it’s her job to protect her own. Things didn’t work out the way they’d hoped for with Ian so they’re going after Melli and Bryan. Fair game.

They (Russo/Mason) think this is a real good one.  The mayor’s in a pickle….if she lets the emails go she’ll look weak and expose everything. If she says ‘no’ then they make her out to be hiding something, like she’s trying to hide waste and cover up illegal spending.

What’s fascinating here is that the Russo-Mason people believe that even with the lying exposed in the weekend Hudson Reporter about Mike Russo falsely claiming the meeting with Solomon Dwek is old news, they feel they can control the message and have the election focus turn elsewhere.

As the astute commenter Politrickery noted here on the weekend, the Big Lie not refuted has a way of taking a life of its own in Hoboken.  The Mason-Russo people have no intention on running on their ‘record’ and candidates.  They want to trot out a variant of the line Mike Russo used in the City Council on the waterfront damage, “What did the mayor know and when did she know it?”  That political line of attack collapsed when the city released a comprehensive history chronicling the work going back to the 90s – exposing ex-mayor Anthony Russo to some poor choices on using timber to base the piers.  Apparently, Juan Melli, the city communications manager is hated for putting that chronology together and now is in their cross hairs.

 Deep Uvula has proven accurate the counteroffensive was coming.  On Friday the attacks have now centered on city employees who report to the mayor.  No matter, if they (and their emails) are destroyed and turned into thee issue of the election, then so be it.

Deep Uvula says confidence is high this strategy will work.  No doubt the Mason411 minion is preparing a string of the ugliest personal attacks and smears below Hoboken sea level yet to push this line in City Council and on Hoboken411 but that’s a given.  Mason’s fanatical political operative needs no coaxing to go deep into the gutter, he lives there quite happily and is gleeful to target the people who’s job he envies.  (Only a Mason mayoral win would hand him that plum.) 

The real question is does the rest of the local media play along?  The Jersey Journal hasn’t even said a solitary word about Mike Russo meeting with Solomon Dwek.  Russo told the Hudson Reporter it was a Jersey Journal reporter who he discussed the meeting with back in 2009.

So if the Jersey Journal is game to play along, and Hoboken411 is ready to launch more of the ugliest attacks on two city employees, who will stand and question any of it other than the tedious mindless repetition of “he said, she said?” 

Ray Smith’s job just got harder at the Hudson Reporter.

To read the rest of Grafix Avenger’s latest insider revelation on the Mason-Russo counteroffensive:

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