Real Results Spamburger?

A question has been posed over at Hoboken Revolt about folks’ emails getting hit with promotions from the Real Results BoE slate.  Apparently people are stating they never signed up for it.  Now they want to know how their private emails have been obtained and used for political purposes.

The last time MSV recalls such an event was when Hobo411 spammed every single email account he collected from website registrations.  The outrage was pretty powerful in the community and it didn’t help Beth Mason in the end.  In fact it may have backfired and caused an even larger blowout margin of defeat.

Nathan Brinkman, Real Results’ campaign manager has been stand up and although we have concerns with the decision in building a slate under the Maureen First banner, no doubt he’ll provide some explanation.

But will the real results mirror last November’s?


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