Hoboken Alert: BM is working, just not for you

In this week with many focused on religious observance, others planning time with family or vacation, word of a massive city wide campaign mailer from Councilwoman Beth Mason, the unannounced, self-annointed and self-financed leader of the resistance to all things Mayor Zimmer continues apace or rather to run amok.

With the Y uptown crumbling in the wake of its inability to meet payroll in Beth Mason’s own 2nd ward, you’d think maybe a fundraiser with a nice fat donation would be the kind of leadership to garner some publicity (or rehabilitation) but no such luck.  The descent into the abyss of ambition is taking yet another strange and terrible turn.  Last year Hoboken had mayoral elections spanning most of the year but now Beth Mason has decided it’s really still 2009 and this time she’s really in it to win.  She’s not kidding.  You may think it’s 2010, but Beth is geared up and ready to make a mayoralty run splash right now.  If she wakes up and discovers there’s no city hall election, her Hoboken consulting team, devoid of any Hobokenites has mapped out a plan.  First sting the mayor with a Passover gift of wine filled with oodles of gelt instead, video cameraman at the ready for later editing, followed with impeachment proceedings to be held in the court of Beth Mason.  Hey, we hear there’s a new courtroom going up at 13th and Washington right now.  The Y swimming pool is going to be rebuilt into a romper room kangaroo court, the Honorable Beth Mason presiding.  All please rise.

After getting taken to school at the last City Council meeting in the Mike Lenz School of Finance for fifth graders, she’s taken the low road again and insulted Hoboken’s mailboxes the town over.  (Insulting the voters is a long bygone conclusion.)  We won’t go into the specifics of the mailer, the delusional twisted propaganda of 8% tax hikes and how taxes “could” go up, and “really high,” but it’s clear most voters must be really stupid as there’s no other logical explanation they haven’t voted in adequate number for… you guessed it Beth Mason – at least in her mind anyway.  Uh Beth, sorry to break this to you: this is Hoboken, not Union City, Weehawken, or Jersey City – the voters ain’t what you and Mikie Squared think they are anymore.
I’m Votin for BetMason

Although Hoboken’s voter demographic has clearly changed last year demonstrated by two elections, the old dark ways die hard.  Is sanity required to actually kill so many trees with useless fliers when there’s no mayoral election in sight?  Does Mr. Mason know where his checkbook is?  Look if you guys want to fell more trees and have that much cash laying around, Da Horsey is available for that consulting gig.  Trust me, there’s a lot more horse sense here than those out of town consultants’ invoices you’ve been paying.  At least Da Horsey would keep you from looking insufferably foolish.  In fact, we’d completely avoid making the Councilwoman more of a laughingstock than she’s already become.  How?  The power of silence to start.  Hey Beth, take six months off.  It’s not going to change anything on the City Council more than it has in the last few months or that “illegal apartment” in your neighborhood that is just annoying the crap out of you.  In the interim,  Da Horsey will collect all the phone and email information you want from folks taking the bait in your flyer – all ten of them.

Welcome to Hoboken Hell.  Or Hoboken Groundhog Day.  Because every day it’s May 2009, the polls are looking just swell and Beth Mason’s coronation is just a few days away on Hoboken/Hate411.*  

One last bit of advice.  Have you considered running for mayor where they know ya a tad less, say West New York?

*Hate411 is an independent and disowned subsidiary of all things Hoboken according to Beth Mason, by Beth Mason and strictly under order of Beth Mason. No filming of hate filled pastries, nosh baked over at Ganache, or bagel nosh is allowed onsite or on the website by order of Heil Klausfurher.  Your sanity may vary. Take the purple pill.  No Beth Mason campaign will or should leave home without it.  By order of the Queen Bee of Reform.  (Sssh don’t tell Maureen.   The Endless Beth Mason Campaign continues Ad infinitum.)

Talking Ed Note: On Wednesday BoE member Maureen Sullivan also voted no on another local budget.  She criticized the Hoboken BoE budget and it’s 7% reduction, moaning the $4 million reduction really shouldn’t be considered a $4 million reduction along with repeating disenchantment with the laptop program paid for with federal funds but offered no alternatives to either – just like you guessed it: Beth Mason.

Is it something in the water?

P.S. Can someone explain to Beth Mason what a calendar year is and when they do, then she can begin sending out mailers complaining about the lack of a 25% tax cut.  Besides, where is her plan?  She talked about rightsizing on her campaign for mayor website but when asked about it at this event, she refused to discuss it.

Is anyone seeing the irony of Beth Mason suggesting no benefits for part time employees?  Does she include herself in this or will she change her mind and ask for it retroactively like she did on her Council salary?

This story is dedicated to our colleague Kurt Gardiner.  Godspeed friend.


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