In all the rush of the Thanksgiving holiday, we forgot to mention a new city program and one that is very near and dear to our heart.  Back in the day before we took up the thoroughbred lifestyle, one of our passions outside of the beautiful game (soccer to those who are unaware) was discovering the intensity of the discipline of wrestling.  After the mortal combat in gym class, we scooted over to the open tryouts for the high school team.  Short of joining the military after high school it’s a test to see how you measured up physically in a fairly defined mano a mano sport.  After quietly taking barbs from other loudmouths about being there to become the water boy, Da Horsey trampled everyone in the weight category forcing the self-proclaimed favorite to run around the auditorium in a leather bomber jacket to chase a spot in a lower weight class.  That and being named captain of our NYC high school team is one of our fonder high school memories and we hope this program becomes successful in its own rite giving equal or better to all its participants.   Ready…..wrestle!

The City of Hoboken in conjunction with the Police Athletic League will sponsor a free youth wrestling program for children ages six to 14 (no experience is necessary), beginning on Monday, November 30th  at 6 p.m., announced Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Hoboken Human Services Director Leo Pellegrini.
The program facility will be provided by the Edge Wrestling Group at 352 Observer Highway, atop the Hoboken Car Wash.
For more information, contact Brandon Kinney at 517-214-5967 or email at: You can also contact the City of Hoboken at 201-420-2096 for more information.

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