How much for your vote?

Wile E Coyote Footnote: In 2005, the Roberts Team (Roberts, Cammarano, Ramos, Labruno) spent $1.5 million (!) for two elections (May and June). Roberts received a combined total of 9564 votes from the May election and June runoff. That’s $158 per vote.  Mayor Bloomberg holds the overall self-financed record in his last election with $183 per vote.
Talking Ed Note:  The totals for all this year’s election expenditures for Dawn Zimmer and Beth Mason also include monies for their respective City Council slates.  It was suggested the overlap is indistinguishable and more fairly represented in those totals. (Click image to enlarge.)
Last, there’s doubt that we’ll ever see what the final expenditures were for Peter Cammarano’s mayoral run.  Since his arrest, good government responsibilities seem to be the furtherest thing from his mind.  We hate when that happens.

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