Ready for the deep dish? Time to pony up, well just a little

It’s been another record week here, and coming close to more time spent than ever imagined trying to provide an open forum with timely power packed articles, and focused analysis on the important themes of accountability and corruption in the mile square.

So at this point, The Hudson Mile Square View is looking to take the next leap with articles hitting harder with more punch than ever with a new subscriber feature.  We’re introducing a monthly and annual subscription for some content at $6 a month or $55 a year.  (MSV prefers the annual choice for obvious reasons.)

MSV will continue to deliver the most in-depth, straight-forward and honest truth on the goings on inside and outside City Hall in Hoboken and beyond.  We’ll be keeping an eye to expanding into Hudson County, thus the new name The Hudson Mile Square View.

Considering the untidy nature of government in these parts, it should keep us busy for a long while.

We’ll look to execute the special articles feature shortly and you can sign up below.
The email address you use will be the one where the special feature will arrive so be sure to pick an active one you are currently using.

MSV looks to continue serving our community with the frankness and full heads on style Hoboken has come to appreciate.  Spread the word, this is the next step and we’re excited to make it.

The site will continue other than the special emailed subscriber articles (which will be packing a wallop).

Looking forward to your support, continued reading, participation and working toward making Hoboken the best it can be for all.  Payments via paypal are secure and your debit or credit card payments are done strictly through them as a subscription feature of their service.  If you don’t have an account, it’s simple and quick to set up at

Again, you can subscribe monthly or annually as it’s automated and obviously an annual contribution works best all around.

Annual payments can be sent via regular mail.
Please include your email address when snail mailing to:

RW Brice
635 Garden Street
Fifth Floor
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Checks can be made out to RW Brice.  Inquires via email to:

Thank you!
Da Horsey

MSV payment options

Talking Ed Note: The Tuesday story is coming. – Everyone will see it.

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