Grist for the Mill: Got Voter Fraud? – The other Hoboken crime spree

With all the scuttlebutt about the FBI being in town investigating what Grafix Avenger dubs the DTR (Data Theft Ring), people may have forgotten there’s plenty of other cleaning up to do than the data files on the home computer leading back to the third floor at City Hall.

One story that reached MSV concerned the blatant discussion of where to get paid for voting in the 4th ward earlier this month.  As recounted, a person was quite cavalier in the 4-3 and asked while IN THE POLLING STATION where did he get paid his $40 for voting and doing his civic duty, presumably on behalf of Tim Occhipinti.

The reply was equally interesting.  He was told to take his “receipt” to the Beth Mason campaign HQ at Washington and 12th St. and “they would take care of him.”

Was that also the modus operandi used at Applied Housing in the 2nd ward?

Reader HonestHoboken writes:

“If you suspect voted fraud please call the AG office in Whippany at 973-599-5900
It’s being rumored that they will be expecting calls from Hoboken Reformers this week.”

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MSV doesn’t know HonestHoboken and can’t confirm the “expectations,” conveyed, but would say this is as good a time as ever to turn over information to the authorities with all eyes presently on Hoboken.

The FBI has provided its number for information surrounding the investigation at City Hall.  They can be reached at the their Newark office:

What better way to honor the men and women who have fallen in service to this nation than fighting to protect the Constitution and its basic integrity, the vote itself?

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