Ravi Resolution: More ‘face punching’ for good government councilwomen

Hoboken enters year two of the Bhalla Administration and with six of nine City Council seats up for election in November, absolute power is job 1.

Or as the Hudson County View so eloquently wrote about the trio of almost $300,000 in taxpayer-paid political mayoral aides with a race-baiting political operation directed at council meetings: their “passion” for “face punching.”


Et tu John Allen? 

The people Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his campaign  mayoral staff want to deliver face punching crushing cheekbone shots against most are the councilwomen from the now defunct Reform Movement: Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher.

Both of the councilwomen spend inordinate amounts of time working outside of the council meetings poking under the covers of policy, seeking constituent feedback and interfacing with City Hall staffers on everything from cell phone towers to Hoboken Housing Authority residents’ safety concerns.

For Ravi Bhalla, the two-timing, no-show second job mayor looking to pump Hoboken for everything it’s worth to move up the political ladder, that’s a problem. This makes their second and sixth ward council seats high-value targets and a prime focus for the endless Bhalla campaign face punchers.  Ravi Terror Flyer no. 2 anyone?

For Ravi Bhalla operatives, paid and unpaid with the sole mission of enhancing cult of personality worship for their boss, this simply won’t do. The spit sputtering deranged foaming at the mouth is in full force even after the recent race-baiting political operation exposed and council ward elections 10 months away. It’s unclear among the current Reform remnant incumbents who will vie for re-election and who Ravi Bhalla will tap as his rubber-stampers to crush any council dissent in the way of his favorite policy: backroom deals. Rumors abound.

Giattino and Fisher along with Councilman Peter Cunningham are a potential bulwark against looming big development plans with Ravi Bhalla’s under the table petting NJ Transit. This aligns them with former ally Councilman Jim Doyle who faced a TV attack ad by Ravi Bhalla’s construction union allies for a lone dissenting vote on the big Hilton Hotel. That’s one vote shy of a majority alliance on the City Council protecting Hoboken people against further Hoboken overdevelopment.

Big development money is the mother’s milk of politics, especially for low-level Soprano State and HudCo mayors and their political climbing ambitions. Last year, Bhalla showed developers he was game as a revolving door of big developers came in and out of the mayor’s office never seen under former mayor Dawn Zimmer. He’s pledged undying fealty to the big construction unions and those jobs demand big development projects. There’s only so much room in a town a mere mile square so let the stacks go higher!

Mayor Ravi Bhalla has big plans for his developer/construction allies in Hoboken.

Talking Ed Note: Speaking of big development, what happened to Councilman Jim Doyle’s resolution opposing the proposed North Bergen Power Plant for New York City?

It vanished as with the silence from Hudson County View’s favorite shadow mayor, Stan Grossbard, the Linda Lou/Numbers Cruncher commenter who thought the resolution the greatest idea ever. What backroom HudCo contract smoothed over its disappearance? Talk amongst your hypocritical selves Ravibots.

A City Council ordinance passed last month to limit the political operations of Ravi Bhalla to two mayoral aides should one depart saw him issue another veto. As reported exclusively on, the approaching $300,000 in annual salaries is almost 10 times more than former mayor Dawn Zimmer spent on one solitary aide she brought on in her first year for 35K.

Happy New Year!

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