It’s Jen leading the City Council again

For the fourth time in her seven-plus year council career, Councilwoman Jen Giattino is selected to lead the Hoboken City Council as Council President.

Jen Giattino is now a four-time City Council President after her colleagues
 voted to return her to the role with no opposition in an 8-0-1 vote.

The Council President vote saw no opposition as Giattino’s nomination easily won on an 8-0-1 vote. Councilwoman Emily Jabbour was the lone dissenting abstention.

Giattino received the gavel from Council President Ruben Ramos who was then elected in a similar vote for council VP.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher was elected to the one-year seat as the council representative on the Hoboken Planning Board in a unanimous vote.

Giattino in a surprise move discussing the city bills moved to amend a small amount of approximately $2,000. The funds in question surround a departed municipal employee. She’s seeking clarification on the official’s departure who worked in the mayor’s office until the end of November and was presented by the mayor’s office as on the Hoboken payroll in December. There’s an allegation the former employee was already working fulltime for another NJ municipality last month.

In one of the strangest incidents in recent council memory, both the Corporation Counsel Brian Aloia and Business Administrator Steven Marks refused to address any aspect of the apparent disparity in “extra” pay. They claimed a Rice notice must be given and would not address any aspect of the questionable payout.

Giattino had questioned the odd funding for four confidential aides earlier in the day prior to the meeting. According to sources close to Giattino, an answer expected before the meeting however never came.

Talking Ed Note: Shades of Old Guard corruption wafting across the Mile Square City right out of the mayor’s office.

When you’re caught en flagrant delicto with your pants down, try not to smirk about it guys. Not a good look.

Update: Our colleague at the Hudson County View is first out of the gate with a story on how a City of Hoboken employee can depart in November and hold two full-time jobs being paid a full salary from Hoboken.

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