Ravi on Assembly race Tuesday: We’re in it, and we can win it with your help

From the desk of Councilman Ravi Bhalla:

Dear Trusted Friends,

For many reasons things are breaking our way in the Assembly race.
I’ve put in tremendous resources into this 4 week race. We have a full-time campaign manager, field coordinator, assistant field coordinator, and a Get Out the Vote organizer for this last week. In addition, we’ve had about 40 canvassers who’ve visited the home of every registered Democratic voter in Jersey City and Weekhawken and most of Union City. In addition, every registered Democrat has received at least one mailer from me and should receive a second today or tomorrow. We’ve also aired a television commercial on all the main local cable news outlets.  Finally all voters in the District will be receiving microtargetted robocalls tonight. 
I’m feeling great and energized coming into this last day.
I write in part because we need your help with Hoboken turnout. Unlike past elections,  we now have a crystal clear list of ID’d voters who are our supporters throughout Hoboken.
I need your help calling our ID’d supporters tomorrow or visiting them.  Hoboken could be the difference tomorrow.  Alternatively, if you want to be at key areas around town to handout campaign, that’s fine too. 
Please contact if you can help.
Thanks to everyone who has helped get out the word tomorrow. I know the powers that be are shocked that we ran this level of campaign. Let’s go out and shock them some more tomorrow. Contact tomorrow if you can help.

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