Kurt Gardiner of THJ running for Hudson County Freeholder

Below is a release from The Hoboken Journal’s Kurt Gardiner.  He has decided to run as an Independent for Hudson County Freeholder.  He gives his reasons below and will be at the PATH station between 5:00 and 6:30 gathering signatures.

He then plans to be outside his residence at 807 Garden St. between 7:00 – 8:00 to obtain the needed 100 signatures to get on the ballot by 4:00 pm tomorrow.  He’s halfway to the goal.

Write in Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder! Yes I’m Serious!

I am not satisfied with the performance of Anthony Romano as Freeholder. While I personally like Anthony Romano as a person and find him to be affable, he has not been an advocate for Hoboken taxpayers. County taxes have gone up substantially in the last two years including increases in the Hoboken tax levy of 7% two years ago and almost 3% this year. Hoboken is not getting their fair share of services for the money we give the county and the best example of this is Hudson County’s refusal to chip in and re-pave Washington Street. Translation: I don’t want to be represented by a nice guy that will yes me to death while he cow tows to County forces.

I hold the current Hoboken Mayor and Anthony Romano both accountable to get Washington Street repaved and I addressed by concerns to them personally a few months back at a fundraising event at the Elks Club, the HOHA Snowball. Washington Street is in horrible disrepair and it is a shame since it is the major street for retail activity in Hoboken It is the one of the reasons for the energy and vibrancy of Hoboken and it should have never been allowed to get his bad. Hoboken needs to have some pride!

Repave Washington Street ! The County Should Chip In!

Anthony Romano did reply back to me that it is not the County’s responsibility to repave Washington Street. In all fairness he may be legally correct as a prior Mayor either Russo or Roberts took back the maintenance from the County. I don’t care. Washington Street is used by many vehicles outside Hoboken that in my view make it a road that should be at least partially maintained by the County. However, given the little services Hoboken gets back I think the County should pick up the tab. I am a one issue candidate for Freeholder: My goal is get Washington Street repaved and have the County completely pay for it!

Anyone Endorsed by Beth Mason Does Not Deserve Your Vote

Beth Mason recently endorsed Anthony Romano for Freehholder. This is the same person that just irresponsibly cut the budget surplus to zero. Zero! It is a cheap political effort to undermine the Mayor’s ability to govern and here is Anthony Romano smiling away trying to play both sides of the fence while he graciously accepts Beth Mason Endorsement.
Beth Mason is a cancer to good governance in Hoboken. Romano in bed with that beast. Send everyone a message that Beth Mason is wrong for Hoboken and that Anthony Romano has not his job for Hoboken as freeholder. The irony is that Beth Mason’s minions like Lane Bajardi used to critique Mike Lenz for selling out Hoboken to the County with all these unsubstantiated
conspiracy theories. Here is Beth Mason doing the same thing but its no conspiracy. Its real and it is hitting your wallet. Beth Mason is a real hypocrite!

Again, anyone endorsed by Beth Mason does not deserve your vote! Beth Mason’s political ambition has turned her into a force of evil in Hoboken. Anyone in her circle of political allies needs to be taken out. This means war! (politically). I want to stick it to “Stick” literally.

Write in Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder!- Be Independent

Am I serious: Yes. Can I win?: No. As former Governor Corzine once said” “when pigs fly”. Speaking to many people in Hoboken about the election they don’t like the fact there is no opposition in the primary and they don’t like the choice of Anthony Romano. Rather than under-vote, simply take a little extra time and write-in Kurt Gardiner for Freeholder! Can you help send the Hudson County Bosses a message that view Hoboken as their personal ATM that we are fed up?: Perhaps. A strong write-in presence will at least tick a few people off at the County level. Did anyone put me up to this?: No. This was my idea to raise awareness of his issue and to make a political statement with respect the primary system. People should always have choices.

Also: Vote Row C for Ravi Bhalla and the Democratic Committee’s honest candidates! Questions: Send me an email at

Please show your support of the Hoboken Journal not by subscribing to special articles which is certainly MSV’s right (I don’t want your money) and spread the word that there is a choice for Democratic primary Freeholder as a write in.

K-U-R-T G-A-R-D-I-N-E-R for Hudson County Freeholder

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