Ravi Bhalla turns his smear machine campaign guns on Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher

Give Hoboken’s mayor Ravi Bhalla credit for consistency.

When you go dirty against the good government remnants of Reform, throwing them out of City Hall when they were working to help a Hoboken resident at the rent office is a starter plan.

As everyone was warned here months ago, the ugly campaign tactics from Ravi Bhalla and his FacePunchers in the mayor’s office was an inevitability.

Or as one Jersey Journal reporter remarked last summer, “Everything with them (Team Bhalla) is scorched earth.”

Hoboken residents are shocked and offended by divisiveness, a staple food of Ravi Bhalla and his team’s dirty campaign activities inside and out of City Hall. Throwing good government councilwomen out of City Hall was the preface to ejecting them for replacement Ravibot sycophant puppets.

Now it’s Ravi Bhalla’s team sending out mailers using the same smear tactics in mailers against Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

Nora DeBenedetto, the council candidate Ravi Bhalla hopes to use to depose Hoboken’s most experienced finance professional on the City Council is the target. Professional competence on the City Council is Ravi Bhalla’s greatest threat.

As in the smear job on behalf of and signed by Cristin Cricco-Powell, the same three points are regurgitated from the Rhode Island based political consultant for Ravi Bhalla.

To belabor the smears would be tedious. As second ward resident Margaret O’Brien states in the comments here:

“Ravi is a liar and a manipulator who doesn’t even have the sense to change the wording… accusing Tiffanie Fisher of putting “the entire waterfront” in “Jeopardy.” Are we supposed to be afraid (by)… this do-nothing candidate,” she asks of Nora DeBenedetto? 

Only the order and wording is slightly altered with the same false and defamatory intent. There’s no vote “prevented” by Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher impacting “corruption” in any shape or form.

Ravi Bhalla as exclusively revealed here sought to undo the 2011 pay-to-play ordinance to compete for special interest money. He’s announced he will come back to it after the November election. In the interim, he had Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour sponsor a non-binding political stunt of a resolution doing nothing on the enforcement front.

The next two points are similarly specious. It was Ravi Bhalla himself in 2016 who with Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher went to then-mayor Dawn Zimmer seeking to purchase Union Dry Dock. There’s been two eminent domain votes since, one in 2017 and then undone at the mayor’s request and a recent one outstanding to a final result where NY Waterway currently resides.

Cult of Personality and Special Interest PAC Endorsement for backers of NJ Transit Redevelopment

Residents afflicted with cult of personality Ravi Bhattalism are being asked to blindly sign on with the dirty campaign politics and look away from Ravi Bhalla’s NJ Transit Redevelopment he attempted to slam through without public notice of any kind.

Both Nora DeBenedetto and Cristin Cricco Powell, Ravi Bhalla’s replacement choices for the second and sixth wards backed away at the council forum from supporting the boss’ massive NJ Transit Redevelopment Plan. This in the face of both Nora DeBenedetto and Cristin Cricco-Powell discovered last month being endorsed by the big construction union PAC backing the gigantic downtown development, Local 185, Stronger Foundations.

Cristin Cricco-Powell is not a victim of an “attack” she was called out for signing on to campaign mailers featuring not any policy difference but smears. The double-faced lies to the public should equally be concerning from Ravi Bhalla’s big construction PAC endorsed candidates. The facts should make the Hoboken public wary.

Jim Doyle endorses big construction PAC candidate who?

Councilman Jim Doyle finds himself in the unenviable position of seeing an endorsement in his name for a Bhalla second ward council candidate he couldn’t pick out of a lineup. In his decades-long activism for parks and against overdevelopment, the last person Jim Doyle would be seen endorsing is anyone endorsed by big construction special interest seeking to control Hoboken’s sovereignty on development.

This is only the latest unfortunate place Doyle finds himself signing up with Ravi Bhalla in the post-Zimmer era. He was attacked by the same big construction PAC, Local 825 of Stronger Foundations for being a lone meaningless dissenting vote on the Hilton Hotel.

Now his name is being used to back the big construction PAC candidate. It’s his name being used but it isn’t him writing it. The alleged Jim Doyle email calls Nora DeBenedetto, “an independent voice.”

This friends is the ultimate in irony.


Ravi Bhalla set to go full throttle with the Big Lie

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