Ravi Bhalla slams disrespect shown to new councilman

Old Guard council disrespect to new councilman Jim Doyle countered by Councilman Ravi Bhalla 


After it became clear the three members of MORTe present would make a circus of every vote by Councilman Jim Doyle at last week’s council meeting, some choice comments were offered by Councilman Ravi Bhalla regarding their actions turning every vote into a circus.

In this short video clip, three members of the Old Guard council present; Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti make objections to Councilman Jim Doyle’s vote as they would insist on doing each and every vote throughout the evening.  Stating an objection once for the record apparently wasn’t sufficient.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla follows noting to Councilman Jim Doyle the actions are an effort to “demoralize” the new council member and an exhibition of “politics at its worst.”

Count the number of times Councilman Ravi Bhalla is interrupted by Russo as he has the floor and is expressing his perspective on the matter.

Point well made.

Listen to Michael Russo’s response as he can’t permit another opinion countering his own.

Russo claimed he was responding to the “concerns” of constituents as a defense.  When exactly did they express those “concerns” as he put it?  Councilman Jim Doyle had just been appointed minutes earlier.

Gasbaggery at its Michael Russo finest.

Talking Ed Note:  Many times during the course of the evening, the Old Guard council members  took issue with the legality of the appointment.  So far no press release has appeared on the Hudson Reporter where it would be typically published and Councilwoman Beth Mason has been silent both to her surprising absence that evening and any forthcoming legal action.

The Russo clan is clearly gunning for a trip to Hudson County Superior Court but it’s the Mason family checkbook expected to cover the costs and accept the blow back, something the Russo’s could care less about.

Beth Mason’s legal costs on any number of fronts against the City and people of Hoboken must be extraordinary but is she reaching a limit on being the town pariah?

To this point, Mason has failed to offer any explanation why she was seen just hours before the meeting but failed to notify her colleagues or the public why she didn’t attend.  As noted previously, Council President Peter Cunningham detected something rotten in Denmark posing the question during the meeting but was met with a knowing silence by MORTe.

MSV contacted Mason via email seeking an answer.  We’ll see if she responds but she’s been in hiding for the past week avoiding accountability on the matter.

It’s a staple of her transparency.

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