Mason on the outs with Bob Menendez, Old Guard as more litigation looms

November elections are now around the corner, a new flavor for the BoE in town but it’s just one of the delectable treats being tossed on the barbie in this latest plate of gristy chewables.

First, Councilwoman Beth Mason who was AWOL at the last City Council meeting for litigious purposes has been given the heave ho by Senator Menendez. The former and some say still influential boss of Hudson County was not pleased about her backing Bill Pascrell over his pick Steve Rothman for Congress.  Mason had been known to flower Menendez with her primary asset via the checkbook but the Senator has accumulated a vast war chest in his re-election campaign to the US Senate.

Word on the street is Sen. Menendez no likey Beth Mason and he doesn’t need her check.

Tim Occhipinti also made rounds on behalf of Pascrell but that’s not news as where Mason’s money points, Timmy follows.  Mason however, did not attend high profile Menendez events in recent months, so count this as another long time investment gone sour.

Mason finds herself more and more isolated and independently, Old Guard sources says no one likes her.  You’d guess she would have figured that out by now.  You don’t need a poll to know.

Beth Mason suffers from popularity problem with allies 

The BoE race is heating up and one long time observer thinks it will come down to organization and turnout.  The Move Forward supporter expressed concern about the underestimated and popular Tom Kluepfel, a co-founder of Elysian Charter who could offset charter parents who are being mobilized against Kids First by Hoboken Dads’ Brian Murray.  The father’s group went very political staging a ruckus at the Hoboken BoE over a pool party earlier last spring where insurance not a BoE conspiracy turned out to be the dividing line.  Not everyone among the “Dads” was happy to discover that truth when it came out.

Frank “Pupie” Raia is mobilizing his “HoLa girls” and that school’s parents to get behind his slate to take over the BoE but that isn’t the only charter school in town and it’s uncertain that there will be unanimous charter backing.  If the popular Kluepfel has his way, that’s not happening.

There’s already suggestions in the air the difference in this BoE election is “VBMs.”  The source with a hearing aid into the Old Guard’s ranks wouldn’t say anything about the rumored increase of $100 to “campaign workers,” re: payees in the Hoboken Housing Authority but was less than bashful those 300 or so “votes” would be the differential in the election.

Last there’s the next bomb waiting to drop as the question is when not if the Old Guard council will make a legal stink of the varied reading in the Faulkner Act.  Does a majority voting on a council backfill consists of those present or the whole voting body?

The difference between seven and eight is the difference between the vote and the vote in absentia of the MIA Beth Mason.  Clearly staged in advance, one observer questioned if a judge would rule five votes were needed if one was absent with the intention to obstruct.  Mason was seen just hours earlier in Hoboken and no one knows why she avoided the meeting.  As is typical, she makes herself unavailable for comment and avoided the Hudson Reporter while still running another ad on page three.

How convenient.

Back in 2009, Mason abstained on the replacement to Dawn Zimmer’s fourth ward seat.  The legal reading is an abstention is considered a no vote on that question.  This time it was Councilman Mike Russo doing so but that made the vote in the end technically 4-3.

Mason’s planned absence was to avoid a 4-4 tie and then question the mayor’s “deciding” vote.

This is Hudson County and the matter could be before Superior Court in a matter of days.  Mason’s array of paid sycophants, consultants and hanger ons are probably all telling her what a swell idea it is.  Don’t they always?

Talking Ed Note: This is election season but let’s maintain decorum and remember no one should personally insult another.  Insult each other’s analysis or ideas if you must but in the end you could start seeing comments edited and frankly removed for overstepping the boundaries.  As you were.

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