Ravi Bhalla set to go full throttle with the Big Lie

Hoboken’s council campaign ward elections are in full swing and the slate put up by Mayor Ravi Bhalla is swinging in an abyss of low brow cynical politics directed out of the Hoboken mayor’s office.

Time to amp up and double down with the Big Lie technique.

No, it’s not Halloween but Ravi Bhalla wants low information voter
treats turned over right now. Time to hype an “all hallows” special meeting
and its sole chest-thumping resolution. It’s a sorry place Hoboken finds itself.

Tomorrow, a cravenly cynical resolution put up by the eternal Bhalla for Something Better Campaign is seeking to score political points with low information voters in a wasteful display of taxpayer resources as Ravi Bhalla demanded a special meeting.

Some suspect he’s enlisting his drones at the local party committee to join the fray and amp up the hype too.

Everyone in the know is yawning at the inert resolution blathering about enforcement on Hoboken campaign expenditures that lacks an enforcement provision and failed to exert itself in over eight years.

The Corporation Counsel, Brian Aloia since 2017 has admitted as much saying the enforcement provision is unenforceable multiple times.

The sole instance where the Hoboken Law Department tried in a letter to former Councilwoman Beth Mason was ignored back in 2013. No attempt of any kind has ensued since.

The original Ravi Bhalla plan to unwind the 2011 pay-to-play ordinance was foiled, thoroughly covered and exposed here. As usual, it’s about money and trying to build a bigger campaign war chest.

The mayor’s office with Councilmembers Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour is sponsoring the “let’s make some noise” resolution want you to believe they will ride in and save the day sparing Hoboken from… whatever. Et tu Jim?

The P.T. Barnum line about “a sucker born every minute comes to mind.”

The insult with a completely wasteful special meeting, braying to low-information Hoboken voters is on par with the insult to Hoboken taxpayers. You’re all being played, for suckers.

This is the Ravi Bhalla New Old Guard and they want to take us back. Maybe with the Ravi-Russo Alliance working hand in hand, they are creating a 21st-century version and will.

Take a glimpse of Hoboken corruption past to see what may be in store:

More to come.

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