Councilman Peter Cunningham endorses Tim Crowell for 5th ward council

Official release:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope everyone enjoyed the summer with friends and family and is now settled into the school year.  This year, the fall season brings the upcoming city council elections in November.

Since making my announcement earlier this summer not to seek a fourth term, I have heard from many of you wishing me well and thanking me for my time served.  It has been a pleasure hearing from you all and thank you very much for your kind words, faith, confidence and support for me over the years.  Hoboken has always been a city that appreciates and recognizes the sacrifices of its public servants.  The City of Hoboken and in particular the 5th Ward has validated that point, and I thank you all again!!

With that being said, many have asked, “who will run to fill your seat?”  As indicated in my announcement, I was not “anointing” a successor.  However as hoped, many potential candidates came forward over the last month or so to ask for advice, support, and endorsement.  I’ve been very happy to offer my advice.  Support and endorsement, however, are quite different.

I have always been proud of my practical approach to listening to my constituents, supporting progressive policies and legislative matters with a fairly conservative budgetary approach.  For instance, I like the prudent use of debt with a healthy surplus and understand that good credit earns good financing rates.  This is especially important given Hoboken’s continued need to finance necessary and expensive capital projects.  Because development is critical to the 5th ward and the City’s overall economic success, it must be exercised and managed very carefully.   It directly impacts our quality of life, traffic, and transportation.  Thoughtful knowledge and discussion of these issues are a must.  I have worked to fulfill this responsibility and have not tolerated political nonsense that often muddles these issues.

Lastly, I am also proud of the independence I have exercised as a councilperson. I have always supported the Mayor when it’s best for Hoboken and challenged the Mayor when I don’t agree. Mayor Bhalla’s statements that “he needs a council he can work with” is in actuality a plea for a council that will “rubber stamp” his agenda. Let’s look at the facts:  I have supported 95% of his agenda.  Recently, I was NOT supportive of his proposed tax increase for his office’s outsized increase in staffing for what I deemed to be for political purposes.  Mayor Zimmer got along just fine with staffing levels in her office.  I do call into question the distractions of Mayor Bhalla’s second job and the need for additional staffing in the Mayor’s Office.  However, I wholeheartedly supported the Mayor on the use of eminent domain for Union Dry Dock.   

It’s for all these reasons I am endorsing Tim Crowell (pronounced kroll) for 5th Ward City Council.  There are three candidates in the race, and he is by far the most independent, ethical and professional of the three.  Tim is an experienced professional, married with two kids at the Brandt Public School. He’s an independent thinker with a financial/real estate background and no political experience.  He’s given back to the communities where he lives and works and has what I believe to have very high ethical standards.  I like his no-nonsense practical approach to all matters affecting the 5th Ward and the City of Hoboken.  
His campaign is underway, and I encourage you to reach out to him at  I ask that you give him a chance to tell you how he stands ready to keep our legacy of keeping the 5th Ward and Hoboken moving forward.  Please forward to your friends and neighbors.
Peter Cunningham
Hoboken’s 5th Ward City Councilman
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