Ravi Bhalla: ‘Quarantine for thee, not for me’


In another distressing example of the two tiers of justice appearing too frequently in the United States, Mayor Ravi Bhalla exempted himself from the City of Hoboken policy announced earlier this month for people exposed to the pandemic’s coronavirus.

Last week, Ravi Bhalla tweeted he had been exposed to someone with the virus. As a result he declared, he would be placing himself in isolation over the weekend – two days.
People on twitter took note and immediately began referencing the September 6th policy issued by the City of Hoboken, backed and promoted by Ravi Bhalla himself. From the actual proclamation:

Note the key words, “if you may have been in a situation where you believe an exposure may have occurred… self-quarantine… for the full 14 days.”

People on Twitter immediately began citing the Ravi Bhalla policy on self-quarantine.

Then Ravi Bhalla was reminded, the public could expect to see him again on September 25th, the full 14 days later, per CDC guidelines:

Another Twitter comment put the same notification in pictures, apparently in the belief this would make it easier for Ravi Bhalla to understand his own policy. 

Ravi Bhalla is also apparently breaking CDC provisions.

It was also pointed out that maybe a $250 fine would be warranted against those like Ravi Bhalla who blew off the 14 day quarantine.

Hoboken Patch earlier reported this bit of Ravi Bhalla doublespeak issued on his behalf by Vijay Chaudhuri:

“Out of an abundance of caution, Mayor Bhalla is quarantining safely at home for the weekend,” Chaudhuri said in a short email. “He regrets he will be unable to give remarks at the September 11 interfaith service, but to protect the safety of all participants and residents, is holding to the same advice he gives to others who may have been at risk: self-isolate and avoid contact with others until it is safe to do so.”

Then Ravi Bhalla changed his mind and “clarified” the doublespeak with yet more Orwellian framing:

[UPDATE: On Saturday, Chaudhuri clarified: “Mayor Bhalla will follow the guidance of medical professionals and the Hoboken Health Department regarding his self-imposed quarantine, and will no longer quarantine when it has been determined to be safe to do so.”]

At least one council member and this Horse also commented on Twitter to Ravi Bhalla on this contradiction but it’s not clear now to what extent. 

Ravi Bhalla deleted the tweet. 

If you see Ravi Bhalla walking around Hoboken, remind him that he is breaking quarantine and tell him to go back into isolation until September 25th. 

A countdown clock is now installed on the top right of the page for the CDC recommended self-quarantine outstanding for Ravi Bhalla. 

Talking Ed Note: When it comes to the pandemic rules, follow Ravi Bhalla’s no. 1 dictum: “Quarantine for thee, not for me.” 

Ravi Bhalla deleted his tweet of last week. One can presume, the City of Hoboken quarantine policy has also been deleted.

Well at least for Ravi Bhalla. Ravi Bhalla is no. 1.

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