Chinese Virologist: Wuhan Coronavirus created in lab by the Chinese Communist Party

A Chinese virologist now in exile and hiding from the Chinese Communist Party is going public with allegations of the creation and spread of the CCP Virus.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan who has made international headlines in recent days appeared for the first time in an US media interview with commentator Tucker Carlson laying the blame for the creation of the virus to the Chinese Communist Party in a Wuhan Lab.

She claims she has verifiable proof for the scientific community.

Yan has previously been reported making the claim in the UK press and TV but in this interview claims she has the evidence the genome of the novel coronavirus was created in the CCP Wuhan military lab and its later release. It’s unclear if she is differentiating between a cover up from an accidental release to the world or intended sooner.

In addition to bolstering theories the coronavirus came out of the Wuhan Level IV Lab, Yan suggests the reason the truth has been suppressed is due to an international campaign by the Chinese Communist Party combined with the cooperation of the international scientific community. 

She refers to the genome of the coronavirus being akin to a fingerprint identifiable to its origin and calls the Chinese Communist Party government “evil” as a possible motivation in its creation.

In separate reports, the highly sensitive research performed in the Wuhan Lab was deemed illegal inside the United States but allegedly underwritten in Wuhan. That funding was stopped by President Trump.

Here is the complete interview with Dr. Yan. 

Talking Ed Note: In this day where Fake News not only runs rampant but is both expected and demanded by those brainwashed and ideologically driven, it’s important the truth and examination of claims to same be vigorously examined.
For months, the origins of the Wuhan CCP Virus were alleged as possibly man-made but the political correctness vein among some deemed any such investigation connected to the Chinese Communist Party Wuhan lab as “racist.”
How a political party’s role in creation of a virus is racist remains to this point inexplicable. The brainwashing and lack of basic common sense is as widespread as the CCP Virus itself.

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