Ravi Bhalla hit again as the ‘national candidate’ for his cynical mailer

A twitter handle Britt Reid@hobokenrazzie, aka “the Green Hornet” is making noise with comic and pointed political critique of the Hoboken mayoral race.

In a weekend tweet, the satirical commenter highlighted the latest mailer from Councilman Ravi Bhalla depicting the American president who is currently busy aiding hurricane victims in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico. The Bhalla mailer shows a sinister reflection in the eyes of a child and depicts the reflection of the president as “hate.”

Green Hornet finds Ravi Bhalla’s “vow to subsidize” the Hoboken ferry a “sad overreach” asking instead “how about potholes and parking?”

Talking Ed Note: The criticism of Ravi Bhalla and his national ambition tour raises its head again. Is he running for Hoboken mayor or US Senator? Or is he getting an early start running for US President?

Who was the last Hoboken mayoral candidate looking to use Hoboken to fast track themselves up the political ladder thinking themselves a future US Senator, NJ governor or US President? His name begins with a P.

Related: Ravi Bhalla has followed Jen Giattino in endorsing Sharyn Angley and her slate (Hoboken Proud) this November. MSV asked in the comments at the link why Ravi Bhalla had not done for Angley last time based on a BoE source who said he hadn’t in June. A Bhalla backer in MSV comments repeatedly insisted Bhalla had supported Angley and her Parents for Progress slate in 2014 based on the claim of his saying so.

There was no Bhalla endorsement for Sharyn Angley and Parents for Progress in 2014. Numerous sources close to the Hoboken BoE admitted Ravi Bhalla had not supported Sharyn Angley and Parents for Progress. Some declined to comment while others in the know declined to say so on the record with Angley’s re-election bid and her slate Hoboken Proud actively campaigning.

Perhaps Ravi Bhalla will explain why he withheld support for Sharyn Angley and Parents for Progress.
Or like his silence to the Hoboken public on the Suez liability and when he made a secret deal with Mayor Zimmer seeing her sudden June withdrawal, maybe not.

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