Dual Southwest Park ribbon cuttings demonstrate political division

The competing ribbon cutting ceremonies for Hoboken’s Southwest Park took place on Friday and Saturday to some public head scratching with each underlining the success of the decade plus efforts to make the dream a reality.

On Friday, Mayor Dawn Zimmer held the official City of Hoboken ribbon cutting. Councilman Dave Mello and Councilman Ruben Ramos headlined a Saturday “People’s” ribbon cutting.

About a month ago the City Council formally asked the City to hold the ribbon cutting when its members and the community could attend on a weekend. But the request while formally stated during the meeting fell on deaf ears, another sign of the political division with Mayor Zimmer’s lame duck status and Hoboken’s barnburner of an election set for November 7th.

Mello was an early advocate for a Southwest Park and a critical vote to its eventual approval. He however is no longer part of the Zimmer baton handoff to the Bhalla campaign. He’s now a council at-large candidate for the Romano for mayor slate this coming November having served two terms on the mayor’s at large council slate.

While Mayor Zimmer noted Mello’s role on Friday, it obviously didn’t make up for how the former ally of eight years felt for the official Southwest Park opening.

John Heinis of the Hudson County View captured some of those sentiments with Councilman Ruben Ramos filed in this report:

For the complete story, please see the Hudson County View.

Talking Ed Note: It’s somewhat disappointing there couldn’t be some accommodation for schedules especially as Councilman David Mello was an early advocate for a Southwest Park before taking office more than a decade ago joining with local activist John Gregorio and others.

From the video above, visible are young trees with no protection barrier around them. Dog urine will destroy those saplings and in short order. The kid’s playground equipment is not installed reportedly due to an unconfirmed cost overrun.

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