Ravi Bhalla and Cristin Cricco Crickets go down and dirty to take out Jen Giattino

At the recent forum of fifth ward candidates, a question about divisive politics came from the audience. All the candidates mouthed their officially correct denouements and applauded their good manners shortly after.

As this steed has warned, there was no way the ugly divisive dirty politics in the 2017 mayoral campaign would remain dormant in 2019. While close observers have awaited the Dark Money from special interests tied to Mayor Ravi Bhalla to rear up an ugly head, a more direct attack emerged over the weekend.

It’s Ravi Bhalla leading his council slate with his sixth ward selection, Cristin Cricco-Powell deploying the Big Lie to go after Jen Giattino.

The mailer claims Jen Giattino changed.

The down and dirty mailer has a lot more false and defamatory to say. It’s reminiscent of the last sixth ward council race in 2015 when Beth Mason funded a massive dirty mailer campaign on behalf of the odorous Carmelo Garcia led by her rancid paid political operative FinBoy.

This is a continuation of both the 2015 dirty Masonic tactics and the 2017 filth directed against one of the best public servants on and off the City Council in Hoboken living memory.

Here’s a snapshot of the nasty origins of the 2015 sixth ward mailer campaign linked below.

Recently, one Facebook observer in Hoboken called Ravi Bhalla’s council candidate, Cristin Cricco Crickets, who was a no-show at the sixth ward debate. Well, the Ravi Bhalla crickets are no longer silent but they sure are dirty.

Let’s break it down. The flyer states in big capital letters: “We can’t even recognize Jen Giattino anymore.” It follows with these packed canards:

The “us” isn’t defined but can you say projection?

Yes, the PAC-Puppets as some Ravibots designate the term, are almost entirely backed by the Stronger Foundations PAC behind Ravi Bhalla’s council slate and in late September; they offered their unqualified endorsement of Cristin Cricco Crickets.

So siding with a special interest big construction development PAC is just fine but Ravi Bhalla and the sixth ward crickets are pointing the finger at Jen Giattino claiming she’s siding with a developer.

To top it off, the “political stunt” of a non-binding resolution put up repeatedly by Ravi Bhalla with Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour is claimed to stop “developers from influencing our elections.”

As if.

All this ground has been covered before here. It was Ravi Bhalla using an outside lawyer to submit an opinion to the legal department as a pretext to undo the Jen Giattino passed 2011 pay-to-play ordinance. Exposure in that exclusive story reported here saw it moved to after the election.

But the Big Lie is reaching for the projection win. It’s pointing the finger while safely standing away from the mirror at Councilwoman Jen Giattino who pulled the Ravi Bhalla – Stronger Foundations PAC plan for a gigantic NJ Transit development off the agenda at the last City Council meeting.

Talking Ed Note: This is only the beginning of the 2017 2019 election and this, friends and neighbors is Ravi Bhalla with a starring role from Cristin Cricco Crickets.

Brace for impact.

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