Ramos declares victory, Raia-Mason slate emerges from VBM shadows

No one has seen the mayoral debate at the Hudson Reporter but the Ruben Ramos campaign is going ahead to announce and congratulate itself on the victory:

Talking Ed Note: Who was in the room? We just don’t know but perhaps we should allow the public some time to actually watch and decide for itself.  There’s been some discussion about positions on the rent control question and as one can guess Timmy Occhipinti under Frank Raia’s tutelage is taking the pro-developer position.  (The mayor remains a “no” due to concerns about tenant protections and Ruben Ramos punted by pointing the finger and avoided taking a position.)

Raia of course last year remains the subject of much discussion when his name came up in the infamous Carmelo Garcia Rat Tapes. At a lunch Garcia was secretly taping he spoke about hundreds of vote-by-mail ballots drowning in a basement accident.

Some discount this as an urban legend being that the vote-by-mail numbers were at staggering highs from that part of town which is campaign prone – the Hoboken Housing Authority.  The numbers were in the area of 800.

Who’s taking the over and under bet on the Timmy Occhipinti campaign on that number?

MSV is going to say whatever final tally comes in, it will be staggering – even with Timmy’s meth lab “campaign worker” unavailable this election cycle.

Some are asking what the Raia-Mason slate is up to (other than their manufacturing lab for vote-by-mail buys) but they have surfaced to break the law on the other side of town.  Here’s what one reader sent in showing their disregard for local ordinances with an affixed campaign sticker:

An illegal sticker is spotted posted on 9th and Washington Street for the Raia-Mason slate.
Consider the law breaking a down payment on the benevolent humanitarianism they
will bestow on Hoboken if they get control of the City Council in November.

Last, thanks for all the folks leaving election stories tips in the comments section and via email.
But boy, you guys are getting tough to keep up with!  Seriously, an impressive and well informed readership – that you are!


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