Ramos campaign charges “another legal defeat” for Mayor Zimmer

The Ruben Ramos campaign for mayor announces:

Zimmer Loses Another Lawsuit
City’s Disparate Treatment of Retired Municipal Workers Cost Taxpayers Millions
In an October 21st opinion, a New Jersey appellate court ruled that the City of Hoboken’s “disparate treatment of its retiring workforce” required that the City pay almost a million dollars in damages.  Unfortunately, Zimmer’s inability to manage a legal department and settle this matter will, as the court notes, result in “adverse fiscal consequences to the city.”

This latest admonishment from the court of appeals comes despite Zimmer’s increasing the City’s spending on politically connected law firms by more than 200% in the past four years.

When I am Mayor, I will not only bring common sense to fixing our city’s schools and crumbling infrastructure, but also to our out of control legal spending that has resulted in embarrassing legal loss after embarrassing legal loss.  Under Zimmer taxpayers suffer while politically connected law firms thrive.

Thank you for your support.


Talking Ed Note: MSV does not comment on campaign releases but did reach out to the Ramos campaign for clarification. The case referenced is the early retirements filed by former Corporation Counsel Steve Kleinman under the Roberts Administration.

The City of Hoboken paid out the cost under Mayor Zimmer some time ago and this is referencing that specific case and the ensuing costs since.

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