Beth Mason’s fanatical attack on Ravi Bhalla continues

As MSV predicted, the reappearance of a Beth Mason political operative at the recent City Council meeting filming Ravi Bhalla would lead to a commercial.  The prediction came about based on the filming at the last City Council meeting.  The observation led to this story, “It’ all about Ravi.”

Inter sped with the footage of Bhalla taken by a known Mason operative filming are outtakes from the pathological lying website serving Beth Mason for years – Hoboken411.  The giveaway proving MSV correct in its assessment is the footage of Councilwoman Terry Castellano who attacks Councilman Bhalla with the assured “litany” of accusations the Russo clan is famous for even as their own history of unethical and illegal behavior trumps everyone.  Hey, it’s all cleared up.

Of course repeating the lies trotted out on Hoboken411 over and over is a Beth Mason staple. Once seasoned there, they are then presented for incorporation at the Hudson Reporter.  Then the stories reference anonymous “critics” and “opponents” who aren’t named but figure prominently with their outlandish tales.  This follows with bizarre questions to others, be it the mayor or in this case Councilman Bhalla who is expected to defend himself or see years old accusations rehashed on the front page.

There’s a story there but that’s a whole other story showing the questionable relationship between Beth Mason as a big advertiser, her political operatives and their questionable access to the Hudson Reporter and that paper’s editors.  Da Horsey thinks that may be worth further investigation – of the legal variety.

For now, here’s another story that won’t be covered on Hoboken411 and the Hudson Reporter.

Note below the camera angle of the footage taken of Councilwoman Castellano’s remarks. It mirrors the exact location of the photo from the MSV photo in the “It’s all about Ravi,” story.

So do we get a prize for investigative journalism? Well, we don’t need it. MSV is focused on serving the Hoboken community, getting at the truth and exposing the hypocrisy and power mad, greedy people in our midst.

They’re pretty hungry. It’s election season.

Talking Ed Note: Before this YouTube commercial can be taken down, MSV should let Beth Mason know that the full production value has been copied, analyzed and critiqued for its news value in this story capturing the true original intent right down to the professional voice over.  (End legal copyright explanation.)

So when does this screed of lies get shown on Hoboken411 or Cablevision?  Or is it up already?
A reader says it’s appearing on YouTube as a pop up ad, so there you have it.

That and of course this story among countless others which will never be covered by the Hudson Reporter.

You can ask the editors Caren Matzner Lissner or Gene Ritchins but you may need to sit out a long silence or see the related scandal when the “Silence of the Shims” was exposed as a junior reporter was sent out on a kamikaze mission by the editors cozy with Beth Mason’s paid hacks.  Poor kid never had a chance before getting ground up by the machinations of the Mason Media Complex.

It’s been quieter than a 10% across the board pay cut ever since.

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