Raia-Mason slate tactic: "Think of the children"

Raia-Mason slate targets children’s nursery with candy seeking votes of their parents

Hoboken is a strange political environment. People openly support the worst practices in government and look the other way on all kinds of corrupt practices in the hopes one day they will benefit from special treatment handed down by the same characters.

Almost always, there’s the golden rule children should be left out of politics. Well, except if you are running the Raia-Mason campaign then you have a different way of campaigning.
Here’s one resident’s photo discovering what was given out at his Hoboken nursery:

Vote-by-mail buying is not enough? Here’s a bag of goodies for the kiddies.
Inside with the candy is a pamphlet of the Raia-Mason ticket.

A parent and client of the day care was not so amused writing:

(Timmy) Occhipinti went to our day care on Hudson today and handed out bags of Spongebob mush with his ticket on it. It’s pretty disgusting to try to get kids to convince their parents to vote for someone. My son doesn’t need to be politicized. Ugh.

What’s a benevolent and humanitarian campaign to do? Well, how about urging the revival of Hoboken Mardi Gras using the Heineken theme as you insult the Irish.

The Raia-Mason slate celebrate St. “Patty’s” Day.  Insulted enough yet?

More on the Timmy “frat boy” booze, boobs and a boob campaign at Grafix Avenger.

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