Mayor Zimmer campaign on “Overcoming Nastiness”

The re-elect Mayor Zimmer campaign announces:

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Dear Horsey & MSV readers —

Unfortunately my opponents are at it yet again, launching nasty and false attacks against the Zimmer Team just three weeks before the election.  As usual, the purpose of the attacks are to confuse the public and to obstruct our ability to get things done for the people of Hoboken.

We have accomplished all that we have over the past four years, like saving our hospital, improving our parks and cutting taxes because we have not let our opponents’ antics stop us, and we will not let their antics stop us going forward.
Their latest target is my good friend and running mate, Councilman Ravi Bhalla.  The attacks are particularly reprehensible because they are not just the usual election season nonsense.  They are a direct and knowingly false assault on Ravi’s integrity, his outstanding reputation in our community, and even his professional career as a well-regarded attorney at one of New Jersey’s finest law firms, Florio Perrucci. Council President Cunningham’s Memo provides an excellent overview of the facts.

The bottom line is they are attacking our team because they desperately want to win a Council seat and stop Hoboken’s progress.
Last night we saw just how devastating that would be for our City.  Four Council members sided with LCOR, a developer, and voted AGAINST our ordinance to protect Hoboken residents and businesses from flooding and the skyrocketing flood insurance costs. Here’s my letter  to the Council and NJ Transit on the importance of this legislation for Hoboken residents.  

Both of my opponents’ records on the Hoboken City Council clearly demonstrate that they will side with the developers every time against the interests of Hoboken residents.  If we want to protect our treasured waterfront, if we want to bring balanced development, if we want to comprehensively protect Hoboken from the flooding, then we NEED the ENTIRE Zimmer Team now more than ever.      

In 2007 and 2009 we overcame the nasty campaign tactics and achieved incredible results for our City.  Together, let’s keep that positive change going.  We need your help to once again overcome the destructive campaign tactics and make sure that the Zimmer team of Councilman Ravi Bhalla, Councilman David Mello, Council-candidate James Doyle, and myself all win this election.  

If you love the direction Hoboken is headed with the Zimmer Team then please stop by our headquarters at 98 Garden to pick up a window sign, volunteer, or find out more ways you can get involved! The future of our City rests with the Zimmer Team winning this election and we need your help to make sure this happens!

Mayor Dawn Zimmer

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