HHA Resident – Radio Interviewee on Vision 20/20 – Carmelo Garcia part of ‘money-making racist plot’

An interview with a person who says they are an Hoboken Housing Authority resident lays out their view Vision 20/20 is part of an organized plan to demolish the projects by Carmelo Garcia to make millions and is a “racist displacement development of black people.”

The interview held with an anonymous resident due to the fear of retaliation on radio station WBAI claims there’s no need to destroy the existing buildings in the Hoboken Housing Authority.  The resident is quoted on Grafix Avenger’s transcript saying, “They’re in excellent condition and they’re in better condition than probably 90% of the apartments in let’s say Manhattan.”

Read the full WBAI radio interview at Grafix Avenger:

A resident  in the HHA calls Vision 20/20 a plot by Carmelo Garcia to displace residents and says the key to his plan
 is a scheme to make millions in an interview with WBAI radio.

Talking Ed Note: MSV can not currently verify the person’s claims as an HHA resident but has verified a reliable source who says they do live there.

It appears Carmelo Garcia and his Carmelitos are running into resistance within the HHA and one African-American has taken steps to protect their anonymity to prevent retaliation.

Councilman Michael Russo may have been right about racism in the HHA after all.  The fight looks delineated along the color lines green against black.

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