Being on a Hoboken Board – “It’s a madhouse”

Being on a Hoboken Board even with a lovely summer August is no picnic.  Currently with the even number of council members tied up in the Mason family legal antics on behalf of the Hoboken Sopranos, there is no longer a fifth reform oriented person to confirm appointments.

Call it yet another “Hoboken Curse of Beth Mason,” no important board appointments are going to happen until after the 2013 November election.

Two of the most important boards with open positions are the Hoboken Zoning Board and the Hoboken Housing Authority. Whoever wins the mayor’s race in November and has a majority on the City Council will determine that outcome.

The Zoning Board is practically frozen as its been whittled down so much there are seven seats and MSV last heard only six members including alternates available at any given meeting, the bare minimum to hold a hearing is five.

The Hoboken Housing Authority currently is expecting to see a seat open when Greg Lincoln moves with his family out of the country next month.  Its makeup at present is 4-3 leaning to the reform side making for an ongoing power struggle with its contracted Director, Carmelo Garcia who refuses to get the message on the loss of confidence in ten year HHA counsel Charles Daglian.  An attempt to merely rotate a new legal counsel and auditor led to World War III and even a protest outside HHA commissioners’ homes at the Sky Club.

Carmelo Garcia desperately wants to regain power and has unleashed a familiar band of “Carmelitos” – a small group of residents among the voiceless thousands who go to meeting yelling and screaming when even a question is posed to Garcia’s accountability. (See almost any HHA meeting in the past year.)

Garcia already pre-announced he is planning a sixth attempt to give Charles Daglian a legal contract (before the bid process), in effect telling his bosses they need to do what he dictates.  HHA commissioner Jake Stuiver like Daglian is a holdover and is rumored to be considering a return to Hoboken making his seat all the more critical in any power play.

Carmelo Garcia already in the center of controversy pushing an undocumented massive redevelopment in Vision 20/20 is also the rumored centerpiece of a political taping operation.  The subject of that brewing Watergate type controversy broke a week back in Al Sullivan’s “Between the Lines” column.

Councilwoman Beth Mason who has voiced unequivocal support on the undocumented massive Vision 20/20 plan will be sponsoring a resolution at tomorrow’s City Council meeting with Tim Occhipinti to install Garica and Vision 20/20 friendly HHA resident Barbara Reyes to the board.  (Two HHA residents currently sit on the  seven member board.)

Its the third time Garcia has attempted to wrestle back control of the HHA board with his City Council-Vision 20/20 allies with the same candidate.  In his way is Jake Stuiver, the former HHA Chairman and holdover commissioner who declined to resign when Garcia recently called him to warn further tensions could escalate in a protest led by his BFF Joe Branco outside his home in a Philadelphia suburb.

Stuiver who initiated WWIII in his attempt to perform a standard rotation of professionals has refused to resign.

(MSV like other local media is attempting to chase down the evidence/details.)

Talking Ed Note: The Russo clan which is behind the Ruben Ramos campaign has a place in that room should Ramos and his council slate take over City Hall.  They want compliant, variance gifting people on the zoning board.  The kind they can use to further enrich themselves in the seven figures.

On the HHA, it’s furthering the dictates of Carmelo Garcia and Vision 20/20.  Some noise is emanating out of the HHA, a resistance to what is described as intimidation tactics against those who do not “march” and actively back Vision 20/20.

That should keep the Old Guard thugs busy for the moment but all they care about is having votes to push ahead the agenda – no matter how bad it is for Hoboken or its residents. Anyone who is lifting their head up in the HHA better watch themselves.  They don’t need to even lift their heads to be in a world of hurt. Word is out on the street anyone opposing Garcia will be handled ruthlessly and shown “no mercy.”

The more you know…

Correction: The Hoboken Zoning Board has seven seats and four alternates.  There are six in total currently and everyone votes.  Quorum for a D variance is five.

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