Push Poll time as developer “pushes” for Northwest deal

This is a special telephone poll alert!  

This is an APB to be on the lookout for a telephone push poll attempting to get useful information from you in order to “take back” Hoboken for the developers, the steak eaters who wish to dine on your dime at the BoE and those who want to go back to the good old days of “I do for you and you do for me,” back room zoning deals.

One MSV reader submitted the interesting news last night during the council marathon:

Just got a classic push call…all about development in the NW.

Started off as the previous election (related) ones, are you registered, do you like the mayor, are you happy with the direction that Hoboken is going in…

Knew something was going on when they asked me what I thought of the W Hotel (“meh”).

It started, how do you feel about development of a new office building the same size as the W Hotel?  These offices would be green, lower (your) taxes, bring your kids to school…

10-15 questions about what I think about a new development over there…

Hoboken’s corruptocrats: Beth Mason and the Russo clan ranked #1 and #2 in reader telephone poll.

Here’s a little insight into the reader’s answers on two other questions:

Q: What’s the worst thing about Hoboken?

A: Beth Mason

Q: What’s the second worst thing about Hoboken?

A: The Russo Family


Another resident confirms they to received a call too.

“They asked do I approve of what (mayor) Dawn Zimmer is doing, the choices were: agree, disagree, strongly disagree.

Basically (seemed) trying to feel me out in a way where (the pollster) wanted to know if Zimmer was doing good for the town.  Seemed like it was someone (behind the polling firm) who didn’t like her asking the questions.

All the questions had a lot to do with why the town is not doing well with a few Zimmer questions.

One was what would I suggest she do to better Hoboken or along those lines.

What are three things Zimmer is doing that bothered me or what three things she can improve to make the town better?

I said there are things the town needs and Zimmer is doing okay so far.”

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